The Netwide Assembler: NASM

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Appendix B: Instruction List

B.1 Introduction

The following sections show the instructions which NASM currently supports. For each instruction, there is a separate entry for each supported addressing mode. The third column shows the processor type in which the instruction was introduced and, when appropriate, one or more usage flags.

B.1.1 Special instructions...

RESB             imm                      8086 

B.1.2 Conventional instructions

AAA                                       8086,NOLONG 
AAD                                       8086,NOLONG 
AAD              imm                      8086,NOLONG 
AAM                                       8086,NOLONG 
AAM              imm                      8086,NOLONG 
AAS                                       8086,NOLONG 
ADC              mem,reg8                 8086 
ADC              reg8,reg8                8086 
ADC              mem,reg16                8086 
ADC              reg16,reg16              8086 
ADC              mem,reg32                386 
ADC              reg32,reg32              386 
ADC              mem,reg64                X64 
ADC              reg64,reg64              X64 
ADC              reg8,mem                 8086 
ADC              reg8,reg8                8086 
ADC              reg16,mem                8086 
ADC              reg16,reg16              8086 
ADC              reg32,mem                386 
ADC              reg32,reg32              386 
ADC              reg64,mem                X64 
ADC              reg64,reg64              X64 
ADC              rm16,imm8                8086 
ADC              rm32,imm8                386 
ADC              rm64,imm8                X64 
ADC              reg_al,imm               8086 
ADC              reg_ax,sbyte16           8086 
ADC              reg_ax,imm               8086 
ADC              reg_eax,sbyte32          386 
ADC              reg_eax,imm              386 
ADC              reg_rax,sbyte64          X64 
ADC              reg_rax,imm              X64 
ADC              rm8,imm                  8086 
ADC              rm16,imm                 8086 
ADC              rm32,imm                 386 
ADC              rm64,imm                 X64 
ADC              mem,imm8                 8086 
ADC              mem,imm16                8086 
ADC              mem,imm32                386 
ADD              mem,reg8                 8086 
ADD              reg8,reg8                8086 
ADD              mem,reg16                8086 
ADD              reg16,reg16              8086 
ADD              mem,reg32                386 
ADD              reg32,reg32              386 
ADD              mem,reg64                X64 
ADD              reg64,reg64              X64 
ADD              reg8,mem                 8086 
ADD              reg8,reg8                8086 
ADD              reg16,mem                8086 
ADD              reg16,reg16              8086 
ADD              reg32,mem                386 
ADD              reg32,reg32              386 
ADD              reg64,mem                X64 
ADD              reg64,reg64              X64 
ADD              rm16,imm8                8086 
ADD              rm32,imm8                386 
ADD              rm64,imm8                X64 
ADD              reg_al,imm               8086 
ADD              reg_ax,sbyte16           8086 
ADD              reg_ax,imm               8086 
ADD              reg_eax,sbyte32          386 
ADD              reg_eax,imm              386 
ADD              reg_rax,sbyte64          X64 
ADD              reg_rax,imm              X64 
ADD              rm8,imm                  8086 
ADD              rm16,imm                 8086 
ADD              rm32,imm                 386 
ADD              rm64,imm                 X64 
ADD              mem,imm8                 8086 
ADD              mem,imm16                8086 
ADD              mem,imm32                386 
AND              mem,reg8                 8086 
AND              reg8,reg8                8086 
AND              mem,reg16                8086 
AND              reg16,reg16              8086 
AND              mem,reg32                386 
AND              reg32,reg32              386 
AND              mem,reg64                X64 
AND              reg64,reg64              X64 
AND              reg8,mem                 8086 
AND              reg8,reg8                8086 
AND              reg16,mem                8086 
AND              reg16,reg16              8086 
AND              reg32,mem                386 
AND              reg32,reg32              386 
AND              reg64,mem                X64 
AND              reg64,reg64              X64 
AND              rm16,imm8                8086 
AND              rm32,imm8                386 
AND              rm64,imm8                X64 
AND              reg_al,imm               8086 
AND              reg_ax,sbyte16           8086 
AND              reg_ax,imm               8086 
AND              reg_eax,sbyte32          386 
AND              reg_eax,imm              386 
AND              reg_rax,sbyte64          X64 
AND              reg_rax,imm              X64 
AND              rm8,imm                  8086 
AND              rm16,imm                 8086 
AND              rm32,imm                 386 
AND              rm64,imm                 X64 
AND              mem,imm8                 8086 
AND              mem,imm16                8086 
AND              mem,imm32                386 
ARPL             mem,reg16                286,PROT,NOLONG 
ARPL             reg16,reg16              286,PROT,NOLONG 
BB0_RESET                                 PENT,CYRIX,ND 
BB1_RESET                                 PENT,CYRIX,ND 
BOUND            reg16,mem                186,NOLONG 
BOUND            reg32,mem                386,NOLONG 
BSF              reg16,mem                386 
BSF              reg16,reg16              386 
BSF              reg32,mem                386 
BSF              reg32,reg32              386 
BSF              reg64,mem                X64 
BSF              reg64,reg64              X64 
BSR              reg16,mem                386 
BSR              reg16,reg16              386 
BSR              reg32,mem                386 
BSR              reg32,reg32              386 
BSR              reg64,mem                X64 
BSR              reg64,reg64              X64 
BSWAP            reg32                    486 
BSWAP            reg64                    X64 
BT               mem,reg16                386 
BT               reg16,reg16              386 
BT               mem,reg32                386 
BT               reg32,reg32              386 
BT               mem,reg64                X64 
BT               reg64,reg64              X64 
BT               rm16,imm                 386 
BT               rm32,imm                 386 
BT               rm64,imm                 X64 
BTC              mem,reg16                386 
BTC              reg16,reg16              386 
BTC              mem,reg32                386 
BTC              reg32,reg32              386 
BTC              mem,reg64                X64 
BTC              reg64,reg64              X64 
BTC              rm16,imm                 386 
BTC              rm32,imm                 386 
BTC              rm64,imm                 X64 
BTR              mem,reg16                386 
BTR              reg16,reg16              386 
BTR              mem,reg32                386 
BTR              reg32,reg32              386 
BTR              mem,reg64                X64 
BTR              reg64,reg64              X64 
BTR              rm16,imm                 386 
BTR              rm32,imm                 386 
BTR              rm64,imm                 X64 
BTS              mem,reg16                386 
BTS              reg16,reg16              386 
BTS              mem,reg32                386 
BTS              reg32,reg32              386 
BTS              mem,reg64                X64 
BTS              reg64,reg64              X64 
BTS              rm16,imm                 386 
BTS              rm32,imm                 386 
BTS              rm64,imm                 X64 
CALL             imm                      8086 
CALL             imm|near                 8086 
CALL             imm|far                  8086,ND,NOLONG 
CALL             imm16                    8086 
CALL             imm16|near               8086 
CALL             imm16|far                8086,ND,NOLONG 
CALL             imm32                    386 
CALL             imm32|near               386 
CALL             imm32|far                386,ND,NOLONG 
CALL             imm:imm                  8086,NOLONG 
CALL             imm16:imm                8086,NOLONG 
CALL             imm:imm16                8086,NOLONG 
CALL             imm32:imm                386,NOLONG 
CALL             imm:imm32                386,NOLONG 
CALL             mem|far                  8086,NOLONG 
CALL             mem|far                  X64 
CALL             mem16|far                8086 
CALL             mem32|far                386 
CALL             mem64|far                X64 
CALL             mem|near                 8086 
CALL             mem16|near               8086 
CALL             mem32|near               386,NOLONG 
CALL             mem64|near               X64 
CALL             reg16                    8086 
CALL             reg32                    386,NOLONG 
CALL             reg64                    X64 
CALL             mem                      8086 
CALL             mem16                    8086 
CALL             mem32                    386,NOLONG 
CALL             mem64                    X64 
CBW                                       8086 
CDQ                                       386 
CDQE                                      X64 
CLC                                       8086 
CLD                                       8086 
CLGI                                      X64,AMD 
CLI                                       8086 
CLTS                                      286,PRIV 
CMC                                       8086 
CMP              mem,reg8                 8086 
CMP              reg8,reg8                8086 
CMP              mem,reg16                8086 
CMP              reg16,reg16              8086 
CMP              mem,reg32                386 
CMP              reg32,reg32              386 
CMP              mem,reg64                X64 
CMP              reg64,reg64              X64 
CMP              reg8,mem                 8086 
CMP              reg8,reg8                8086 
CMP              reg16,mem                8086 
CMP              reg16,reg16              8086 
CMP              reg32,mem                386 
CMP              reg32,reg32              386 
CMP              reg64,mem                X64 
CMP              reg64,reg64              X64 
CMP              rm16,imm8                8086 
CMP              rm32,imm8                386 
CMP              rm64,imm8                X64 
CMP              reg_al,imm               8086 
CMP              reg_ax,sbyte16           8086 
CMP              reg_ax,imm               8086 
CMP              reg_eax,sbyte32          386 
CMP              reg_eax,imm              386 
CMP              reg_rax,sbyte64          X64 
CMP              reg_rax,imm              X64 
CMP              rm8,imm                  8086 
CMP              rm16,imm                 8086 
CMP              rm32,imm                 386 
CMP              rm64,imm                 X64 
CMP              mem,imm8                 8086 
CMP              mem,imm16                8086 
CMP              mem,imm32                386 
CMPSB                                     8086 
CMPSD                                     386 
CMPSQ                                     X64 
CMPSW                                     8086 
CMPXCHG          mem,reg8                 PENT 
CMPXCHG          reg8,reg8                PENT 
CMPXCHG          mem,reg16                PENT 
CMPXCHG          reg16,reg16              PENT 
CMPXCHG          mem,reg32                PENT 
CMPXCHG          reg32,reg32              PENT 
CMPXCHG          mem,reg64                X64 
CMPXCHG          reg64,reg64              X64 
CMPXCHG486       mem,reg8                 486,UNDOC,ND 
CMPXCHG486       reg8,reg8                486,UNDOC,ND 
CMPXCHG486       mem,reg16                486,UNDOC,ND 
CMPXCHG486       reg16,reg16              486,UNDOC,ND 
CMPXCHG486       mem,reg32                486,UNDOC,ND 
CMPXCHG486       reg32,reg32              486,UNDOC,ND 
CMPXCHG8B        mem                      PENT 
CMPXCHG16B       mem                      X64 
CPUID                                     PENT 
CPU_READ                                  PENT,CYRIX 
CPU_WRITE                                 PENT,CYRIX 
CQO                                       X64 
CWD                                       8086 
CWDE                                      386 
DAA                                       8086,NOLONG 
DAS                                       8086,NOLONG 
DEC              reg16                    8086,NOLONG 
DEC              reg32                    386,NOLONG 
DEC              rm8                      8086 
DEC              rm16                     8086 
DEC              rm32                     386 
DEC              rm64                     X64 
DIV              rm8                      8086 
DIV              rm16                     8086 
DIV              rm32                     386 
DIV              rm64                     X64 
DMINT                                     P6,CYRIX 
EMMS                                      PENT,MMX 
ENTER            imm,imm                  186 
EQU              imm                      8086 
EQU              imm:imm                  8086 
F2XM1                                     8086,FPU 
FABS                                      8086,FPU 
FADD             mem32                    8086,FPU 
FADD             mem64                    8086,FPU 
FADD             fpureg|to                8086,FPU 
FADD             fpureg                   8086,FPU 
FADD             fpureg,fpu0              8086,FPU 
FADD             fpu0,fpureg              8086,FPU 
FADD                                      8086,FPU,ND 
FADDP            fpureg                   8086,FPU 
FADDP            fpureg,fpu0              8086,FPU 
FADDP                                     8086,FPU,ND 
FBLD             mem80                    8086,FPU 
FBLD             mem                      8086,FPU 
FBSTP            mem80                    8086,FPU 
FBSTP            mem                      8086,FPU 
FCHS                                      8086,FPU 
FCLEX                                     8086,FPU 
FCMOVB           fpureg                   P6,FPU 
FCMOVB           fpu0,fpureg              P6,FPU 
FCMOVB                                    P6,FPU,ND 
FCMOVBE          fpureg                   P6,FPU 
FCMOVBE          fpu0,fpureg              P6,FPU 
FCMOVBE                                   P6,FPU,ND 
FCMOVE           fpureg                   P6,FPU 
FCMOVE           fpu0,fpureg              P6,FPU 
FCMOVE                                    P6,FPU,ND 
FCMOVNB          fpureg                   P6,FPU 
FCMOVNB          fpu0,fpureg              P6,FPU 
FCMOVNB                                   P6,FPU,ND 
FCMOVNBE         fpureg                   P6,FPU 
FCMOVNBE         fpu0,fpureg              P6,FPU 
FCMOVNBE                                  P6,FPU,ND 
FCMOVNE          fpureg                   P6,FPU 
FCMOVNE          fpu0,fpureg              P6,FPU 
FCMOVNE                                   P6,FPU,ND 
FCMOVNU          fpureg                   P6,FPU 
FCMOVNU          fpu0,fpureg              P6,FPU 
FCMOVNU                                   P6,FPU,ND 
FCMOVU           fpureg                   P6,FPU 
FCMOVU           fpu0,fpureg              P6,FPU 
FCMOVU                                    P6,FPU,ND 
FCOM             mem32                    8086,FPU 
FCOM             mem64                    8086,FPU 
FCOM             fpureg                   8086,FPU 
FCOM             fpu0,fpureg              8086,FPU 
FCOM                                      8086,FPU,ND 
FCOMI            fpureg                   P6,FPU 
FCOMI            fpu0,fpureg              P6,FPU 
FCOMI                                     P6,FPU,ND 
FCOMIP           fpureg                   P6,FPU 
FCOMIP           fpu0,fpureg              P6,FPU 
FCOMIP                                    P6,FPU,ND 
FCOMP            mem32                    8086,FPU 
FCOMP            mem64                    8086,FPU 
FCOMP            fpureg                   8086,FPU 
FCOMP            fpu0,fpureg              8086,FPU 
FCOMP                                     8086,FPU,ND 
FCOMPP                                    8086,FPU 
FCOS                                      386,FPU 
FDECSTP                                   8086,FPU 
FDISI                                     8086,FPU 
FDIV             mem32                    8086,FPU 
FDIV             mem64                    8086,FPU 
FDIV             fpureg|to                8086,FPU 
FDIV             fpureg                   8086,FPU 
FDIV             fpureg,fpu0              8086,FPU 
FDIV             fpu0,fpureg              8086,FPU 
FDIV                                      8086,FPU,ND 
FDIVP            fpureg                   8086,FPU 
FDIVP            fpureg,fpu0              8086,FPU 
FDIVP                                     8086,FPU,ND 
FDIVR            mem32                    8086,FPU 
FDIVR            mem64                    8086,FPU 
FDIVR            fpureg|to                8086,FPU 
FDIVR            fpureg,fpu0              8086,FPU 
FDIVR            fpureg                   8086,FPU 
FDIVR            fpu0,fpureg              8086,FPU 
FDIVR                                     8086,FPU,ND 
FDIVRP           fpureg                   8086,FPU 
FDIVRP           fpureg,fpu0              8086,FPU 
FDIVRP                                    8086,FPU,ND 
FEMMS                                     PENT,3DNOW 
FENI                                      8086,FPU 
FFREE            fpureg                   8086,FPU 
FFREE                                     8086,FPU 
FFREEP           fpureg                   286,FPU,UNDOC 
FFREEP                                    286,FPU,UNDOC 
FIADD            mem32                    8086,FPU 
FIADD            mem16                    8086,FPU 
FICOM            mem32                    8086,FPU 
FICOM            mem16                    8086,FPU 
FICOMP           mem32                    8086,FPU 
FICOMP           mem16                    8086,FPU 
FIDIV            mem32                    8086,FPU 
FIDIV            mem16                    8086,FPU 
FIDIVR           mem32                    8086,FPU 
FIDIVR           mem16                    8086,FPU 
FILD             mem32                    8086,FPU 
FILD             mem16                    8086,FPU 
FILD             mem64                    8086,FPU 
FIMUL            mem32                    8086,FPU 
FIMUL            mem16                    8086,FPU 
FINCSTP                                   8086,FPU 
FINIT                                     8086,FPU 
FIST             mem32                    8086,FPU 
FIST             mem16                    8086,FPU 
FISTP            mem32                    8086,FPU 
FISTP            mem16                    8086,FPU 
FISTP            mem64                    8086,FPU 
FISTTP           mem16                    PRESCOTT,FPU 
FISTTP           mem32                    PRESCOTT,FPU 
FISTTP           mem64                    PRESCOTT,FPU 
FISUB            mem32                    8086,FPU 
FISUB            mem16                    8086,FPU 
FISUBR           mem32                    8086,FPU 
FISUBR           mem16                    8086,FPU 
FLD              mem32                    8086,FPU 
FLD              mem64                    8086,FPU 
FLD              mem80                    8086,FPU 
FLD              fpureg                   8086,FPU 
FLD                                       8086,FPU,ND 
FLD1                                      8086,FPU 
FLDCW            mem                      8086,FPU,SW 
FLDENV           mem                      8086,FPU 
FLDL2E                                    8086,FPU 
FLDL2T                                    8086,FPU 
FLDLG2                                    8086,FPU 
FLDLN2                                    8086,FPU 
FLDPI                                     8086,FPU 
FLDZ                                      8086,FPU 
FMUL             mem32                    8086,FPU 
FMUL             mem64                    8086,FPU 
FMUL             fpureg|to                8086,FPU 
FMUL             fpureg,fpu0              8086,FPU 
FMUL             fpureg                   8086,FPU 
FMUL             fpu0,fpureg              8086,FPU 
FMUL                                      8086,FPU,ND 
FMULP            fpureg                   8086,FPU 
FMULP            fpureg,fpu0              8086,FPU 
FMULP                                     8086,FPU,ND 
FNCLEX                                    8086,FPU 
FNDISI                                    8086,FPU 
FNENI                                     8086,FPU 
FNINIT                                    8086,FPU 
FNOP                                      8086,FPU 
FNSAVE           mem                      8086,FPU 
FNSTCW           mem                      8086,FPU,SW 
FNSTENV          mem                      8086,FPU 
FNSTSW           mem                      8086,FPU,SW 
FNSTSW           reg_ax                   286,FPU 
FPATAN                                    8086,FPU 
FPREM                                     8086,FPU 
FPREM1                                    386,FPU 
FPTAN                                     8086,FPU 
FRNDINT                                   8086,FPU 
FRSTOR           mem                      8086,FPU 
FSAVE            mem                      8086,FPU 
FSCALE                                    8086,FPU 
FSETPM                                    286,FPU 
FSIN                                      386,FPU 
FSINCOS                                   386,FPU 
FSQRT                                     8086,FPU 
FST              mem32                    8086,FPU 
FST              mem64                    8086,FPU 
FST              fpureg                   8086,FPU 
FST                                       8086,FPU,ND 
FSTCW            mem                      8086,FPU,SW 
FSTENV           mem                      8086,FPU 
FSTP             mem32                    8086,FPU 
FSTP             mem64                    8086,FPU 
FSTP             mem80                    8086,FPU 
FSTP             fpureg                   8086,FPU 
FSTP                                      8086,FPU,ND 
FSTSW            mem                      8086,FPU,SW 
FSTSW            reg_ax                   286,FPU 
FSUB             mem32                    8086,FPU 
FSUB             mem64                    8086,FPU 
FSUB             fpureg|to                8086,FPU 
FSUB             fpureg,fpu0              8086,FPU 
FSUB             fpureg                   8086,FPU 
FSUB             fpu0,fpureg              8086,FPU 
FSUB                                      8086,FPU,ND 
FSUBP            fpureg                   8086,FPU 
FSUBP            fpureg,fpu0              8086,FPU 
FSUBP                                     8086,FPU,ND 
FSUBR            mem32                    8086,FPU 
FSUBR            mem64                    8086,FPU 
FSUBR            fpureg|to                8086,FPU 
FSUBR            fpureg,fpu0              8086,FPU 
FSUBR            fpureg                   8086,FPU 
FSUBR            fpu0,fpureg              8086,FPU 
FSUBR                                     8086,FPU,ND 
FSUBRP           fpureg                   8086,FPU 
FSUBRP           fpureg,fpu0              8086,FPU 
FSUBRP                                    8086,FPU,ND 
FTST                                      8086,FPU 
FUCOM            fpureg                   386,FPU 
FUCOM            fpu0,fpureg              386,FPU 
FUCOM                                     386,FPU,ND 
FUCOMI           fpureg                   P6,FPU 
FUCOMI           fpu0,fpureg              P6,FPU 
FUCOMI                                    P6,FPU,ND 
FUCOMIP          fpureg                   P6,FPU 
FUCOMIP          fpu0,fpureg              P6,FPU 
FUCOMIP                                   P6,FPU,ND 
FUCOMP           fpureg                   386,FPU 
FUCOMP           fpu0,fpureg              386,FPU 
FUCOMP                                    386,FPU,ND 
FUCOMPP                                   386,FPU 
FXAM                                      8086,FPU 
FXCH             fpureg                   8086,FPU 
FXCH             fpureg,fpu0              8086,FPU 
FXCH             fpu0,fpureg              8086,FPU 
FXCH                                      8086,FPU,ND 
FXTRACT                                   8086,FPU 
FYL2X                                     8086,FPU 
FYL2XP1                                   8086,FPU 
HLT                                       8086,PRIV 
IBTS             mem,reg16                386,SW,UNDOC,ND 
IBTS             reg16,reg16              386,UNDOC,ND 
IBTS             mem,reg32                386,SD,UNDOC,ND 
IBTS             reg32,reg32              386,UNDOC,ND 
ICEBP                                     386,ND 
IDIV             rm8                      8086 
IDIV             rm16                     8086 
IDIV             rm32                     386 
IDIV             rm64                     X64 
IMUL             rm8                      8086 
IMUL             rm16                     8086 
IMUL             rm32                     386 
IMUL             rm64                     X64 
IMUL             reg16,mem                386 
IMUL             reg16,reg16              386 
IMUL             reg32,mem                386 
IMUL             reg32,reg32              386 
IMUL             reg64,mem                X64 
IMUL             reg64,reg64              X64 
IMUL             reg16,mem,imm8           186 
IMUL             reg16,mem,sbyte16        186,ND 
IMUL             reg16,mem,imm16          186 
IMUL             reg16,mem,imm            186,ND 
IMUL             reg16,reg16,imm8         186 
IMUL             reg16,reg16,sbyte16      186,ND 
IMUL             reg16,reg16,imm16        186 
IMUL             reg16,reg16,imm          186,ND 
IMUL             reg32,mem,imm8           386 
IMUL             reg32,mem,sbyte32        386,ND 
IMUL             reg32,mem,imm32          386 
IMUL             reg32,mem,imm            386,ND 
IMUL             reg32,reg32,imm8         386 
IMUL             reg32,reg32,sbyte32      386,ND 
IMUL             reg32,reg32,imm32        386 
IMUL             reg32,reg32,imm          386,ND 
IMUL             reg64,mem,imm8           X64 
IMUL             reg64,mem,sbyte64        X64,ND 
IMUL             reg64,mem,imm32          X64 
IMUL             reg64,mem,imm            X64,ND 
IMUL             reg64,reg64,imm8         X64 
IMUL             reg64,reg64,sbyte64      X64,ND 
IMUL             reg64,reg64,imm32        X64 
IMUL             reg64,reg64,imm          X64,ND 
IMUL             reg16,imm8               186 
IMUL             reg16,sbyte16            186,ND 
IMUL             reg16,imm16              186 
IMUL             reg16,imm                186,ND 
IMUL             reg32,imm8               386 
IMUL             reg32,sbyte32            386,ND 
IMUL             reg32,imm32              386 
IMUL             reg32,imm                386,ND 
IMUL             reg64,imm8               X64 
IMUL             reg64,sbyte64            X64,ND 
IMUL             reg64,imm32              X64 
IMUL             reg64,imm                X64,ND 
IN               reg_al,imm               8086 
IN               reg_ax,imm               8086 
IN               reg_eax,imm              386 
IN               reg_al,reg_dx            8086 
IN               reg_ax,reg_dx            8086 
IN               reg_eax,reg_dx           386 
INC              reg16                    8086,NOLONG 
INC              reg32                    386,NOLONG 
INC              rm8                      8086 
INC              rm16                     8086 
INC              rm32                     386 
INC              rm64                     X64 
INSB                                      186 
INSD                                      386 
INSW                                      186 
INT              imm                      8086 
INT01                                     386,ND 
INT1                                      386 
INT03                                     8086,ND 
INT3                                      8086 
INTO                                      8086,NOLONG 
INVD                                      486,PRIV 
INVLPG           mem                      486,PRIV 
INVLPGA          reg_ax,reg_ecx           X86_64,AMD,NOLONG 
INVLPGA          reg_eax,reg_ecx          X86_64,AMD 
INVLPGA          reg_rax,reg_ecx          X64,AMD 
INVLPGA                                   X86_64,AMD 
IRET                                      8086 
IRETD                                     386 
IRETQ                                     X64 
IRETW                                     8086 
JCXZ             imm                      8086,NOLONG 
JECXZ            imm                      386 
JRCXZ            imm                      X64 
JMP              imm|short                8086 
JMP              imm                      8086,ND 
JMP              imm                      8086 
JMP              imm|near                 8086,ND 
JMP              imm|far                  8086,ND,NOLONG 
JMP              imm16                    8086 
JMP              imm16|near               8086,ND 
JMP              imm16|far                8086,ND,NOLONG 
JMP              imm32                    386 
JMP              imm32|near               386,ND 
JMP              imm32|far                386,ND,NOLONG 
JMP              imm:imm                  8086,NOLONG 
JMP              imm16:imm                8086,NOLONG 
JMP              imm:imm16                8086,NOLONG 
JMP              imm32:imm                386,NOLONG 
JMP              imm:imm32                386,NOLONG 
JMP              mem|far                  8086,NOLONG 
JMP              mem|far                  X64 
JMP              mem16|far                8086 
JMP              mem32|far                386 
JMP              mem64|far                X64 
JMP              mem|near                 8086 
JMP              mem16|near               8086 
JMP              mem32|near               386,NOLONG 
JMP              mem64|near               X64 
JMP              reg16                    8086 
JMP              reg32                    386,NOLONG 
JMP              reg64                    X64 
JMP              mem                      8086 
JMP              mem16                    8086 
JMP              mem32                    386,NOLONG 
JMP              mem64                    X64 
JMPE             imm                      IA64 
JMPE             imm16                    IA64 
JMPE             imm32                    IA64 
JMPE             rm16                     IA64 
JMPE             rm32                     IA64 
LAHF                                      8086 
LAR              reg16,mem                286,PROT,SW 
LAR              reg16,reg16              286,PROT 
LAR              reg16,reg32              386,PROT 
LAR              reg16,reg64              X64,PROT,ND 
LAR              reg32,mem                386,PROT,SW 
LAR              reg32,reg16              386,PROT 
LAR              reg32,reg32              386,PROT 
LAR              reg32,reg64              X64,PROT,ND 
LAR              reg64,mem                X64,PROT,SW 
LAR              reg64,reg16              X64,PROT 
LAR              reg64,reg32              X64,PROT 
LAR              reg64,reg64              X64,PROT 
LDS              reg16,mem                8086,NOLONG 
LDS              reg32,mem                386,NOLONG 
LEA              reg16,mem                8086 
LEA              reg32,mem                386 
LEA              reg64,mem                X64 
LEAVE                                     186 
LES              reg16,mem                8086,NOLONG 
LES              reg32,mem                386,NOLONG 
LFENCE                                    X64,AMD 
LFS              reg16,mem                386 
LFS              reg32,mem                386 
LFS              reg64,mem                X64 
LGDT             mem                      286,PRIV 
LGS              reg16,mem                386 
LGS              reg32,mem                386 
LGS              reg64,mem                X64 
LIDT             mem                      286,PRIV 
LLDT             mem                      286,PROT,PRIV 
LLDT             mem16                    286,PROT,PRIV 
LLDT             reg16                    286,PROT,PRIV 
LMSW             mem                      286,PRIV 
LMSW             mem16                    286,PRIV 
LMSW             reg16                    286,PRIV 
LOADALL                                   386,UNDOC 
LOADALL286                                286,UNDOC 
LODSB                                     8086 
LODSD                                     386 
LODSQ                                     X64 
LODSW                                     8086 
LOOP             imm                      8086 
LOOP             imm,reg_cx               8086,NOLONG 
LOOP             imm,reg_ecx              386 
LOOP             imm,reg_rcx              X64 
LOOPE            imm                      8086 
LOOPE            imm,reg_cx               8086,NOLONG 
LOOPE            imm,reg_ecx              386 
LOOPE            imm,reg_rcx              X64 
LOOPNE           imm                      8086 
LOOPNE           imm,reg_cx               8086,NOLONG 
LOOPNE           imm,reg_ecx              386 
LOOPNE           imm,reg_rcx              X64 
LOOPNZ           imm                      8086 
LOOPNZ           imm,reg_cx               8086,NOLONG 
LOOPNZ           imm,reg_ecx              386 
LOOPNZ           imm,reg_rcx              X64 
LOOPZ            imm                      8086 
LOOPZ            imm,reg_cx               8086,NOLONG 
LOOPZ            imm,reg_ecx              386 
LOOPZ            imm,reg_rcx              X64 
LSL              reg16,mem                286,PROT,SW 
LSL              reg16,reg16              286,PROT 
LSL              reg16,reg32              386,PROT 
LSL              reg16,reg64              X64,PROT,ND 
LSL              reg32,mem                386,PROT,SW 
LSL              reg32,reg16              386,PROT 
LSL              reg32,reg32              386,PROT 
LSL              reg32,reg64              X64,PROT,ND 
LSL              reg64,mem                X64,PROT,SW 
LSL              reg64,reg16              X64,PROT 
LSL              reg64,reg32              X64,PROT 
LSL              reg64,reg64              X64,PROT 
LSS              reg16,mem                386 
LSS              reg32,mem                386 
LSS              reg64,mem                X64 
LTR              mem                      286,PROT,PRIV 
LTR              mem16                    286,PROT,PRIV 
LTR              reg16                    286,PROT,PRIV 
MFENCE                                    X64,AMD 
MONITOR                                   PRESCOTT 
MONITOR          reg_eax,reg_ecx,reg_edx  PRESCOTT,ND 
MONITOR          reg_rax,reg_ecx,reg_edx  X64,ND 
MOV              mem,reg_sreg             8086 
MOV              reg16,reg_sreg           8086 
MOV              reg32,reg_sreg           386 
MOV              reg_sreg,mem             8086 
MOV              reg_sreg,reg16           8086 
MOV              reg_sreg,reg32           386 
MOV              reg_al,mem_offs          8086 
MOV              reg_ax,mem_offs          8086 
MOV              reg_eax,mem_offs         386 
MOV              reg_rax,mem_offs         X64 
MOV              mem_offs,reg_al          8086 
MOV              mem_offs,reg_ax          8086 
MOV              mem_offs,reg_eax         386 
MOV              mem_offs,reg_rax         X64 
MOV              reg32,reg_creg           386,PRIV,NOLONG 
MOV              reg64,reg_creg           X64,PRIV 
MOV              reg_creg,reg32           386,PRIV,NOLONG 
MOV              reg_creg,reg64           X64,PRIV 
MOV              reg32,reg_dreg           386,PRIV,NOLONG 
MOV              reg64,reg_dreg           X64,PRIV 
MOV              reg_dreg,reg32           386,PRIV,NOLONG 
MOV              reg_dreg,reg64           X64,PRIV 
MOV              reg32,reg_treg           386,NOLONG,ND 
MOV              reg_treg,reg32           386,NOLONG,ND 
MOV              mem,reg8                 8086 
MOV              reg8,reg8                8086 
MOV              mem,reg16                8086 
MOV              reg16,reg16              8086 
MOV              mem,reg32                386 
MOV              reg32,reg32              386 
MOV              mem,reg64                X64 
MOV              reg64,reg64              X64 
MOV              reg8,mem                 8086 
MOV              reg8,reg8                8086 
MOV              reg16,mem                8086 
MOV              reg16,reg16              8086 
MOV              reg32,mem                386 
MOV              reg32,reg32              386 
MOV              reg64,mem                X64 
MOV              reg64,reg64              X64 
MOV              reg8,imm                 8086 
MOV              reg16,imm                8086 
MOV              reg32,imm                386 
MOV              reg64,imm                X64 
MOV              rm8,imm                  8086 
MOV              rm16,imm                 8086 
MOV              rm32,imm                 386 
MOV              rm64,imm                 X64 
MOV              rm64,imm32               X64 
MOV              mem,imm8                 8086 
MOV              mem,imm16                8086 
MOV              mem,imm32                386 
MOVD             mmxreg,mem               PENT,MMX,SD 
MOVD             mmxreg,reg32             PENT,MMX 
MOVD             mem,mmxreg               PENT,MMX,SD 
MOVD             reg32,mmxreg             PENT,MMX 
MOVD             xmmreg,mem               X64,SD 
MOVD             xmmreg,reg32             X64 
MOVD             mem,xmmreg               X64,SD 
MOVD             reg32,xmmreg             X64,SSE 
MOVQ             mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
MOVQ             mmxrm,mmxreg             PENT,MMX 
MOVQ             mmxreg,rm64              X64,MMX 
MOVQ             rm64,mmxreg              X64,MMX 
MOVSB                                     8086 
MOVSD                                     386 
MOVSQ                                     X64 
MOVSW                                     8086 
MOVSX            reg16,mem                386 
MOVSX            reg16,reg8               386 
MOVSX            reg32,rm8                386 
MOVSX            reg32,rm16               386 
MOVSX            reg64,rm8                X64 
MOVSX            reg64,rm16               X64 
MOVSXD           reg64,rm32               X64 
MOVSX            reg64,rm32               X64,ND 
MOVZX            reg16,mem                386 
MOVZX            reg16,reg8               386 
MOVZX            reg32,rm8                386 
MOVZX            reg32,rm16               386 
MOVZX            reg64,rm8                X64 
MOVZX            reg64,rm16               X64 
MUL              rm8                      8086 
MUL              rm16                     8086 
MUL              rm32                     386 
MUL              rm64                     X64 
MWAIT                                     PRESCOTT 
MWAIT            reg_eax,reg_ecx          PRESCOTT,ND 
NEG              rm8                      8086 
NEG              rm16                     8086 
NEG              rm32                     386 
NEG              rm64                     X64 
NOP                                       8086 
NOP              rm16                     P6 
NOP              rm32                     P6 
NOP              rm64                     X64 
NOT              rm8                      8086 
NOT              rm16                     8086 
NOT              rm32                     386 
NOT              rm64                     X64 
OR               mem,reg8                 8086 
OR               reg8,reg8                8086 
OR               mem,reg16                8086 
OR               reg16,reg16              8086 
OR               mem,reg32                386 
OR               reg32,reg32              386 
OR               mem,reg64                X64 
OR               reg64,reg64              X64 
OR               reg8,mem                 8086 
OR               reg8,reg8                8086 
OR               reg16,mem                8086 
OR               reg16,reg16              8086 
OR               reg32,mem                386 
OR               reg32,reg32              386 
OR               reg64,mem                X64 
OR               reg64,reg64              X64 
OR               rm16,imm8                8086 
OR               rm32,imm8                386 
OR               rm64,imm8                X64 
OR               reg_al,imm               8086 
OR               reg_ax,sbyte16           8086 
OR               reg_ax,imm               8086 
OR               reg_eax,sbyte32          386 
OR               reg_eax,imm              386 
OR               reg_rax,sbyte64          X64 
OR               reg_rax,imm              X64 
OR               rm8,imm                  8086 
OR               rm16,imm                 8086 
OR               rm32,imm                 386 
OR               rm64,imm                 X64 
OR               mem,imm8                 8086 
OR               mem,imm16                8086 
OR               mem,imm32                386 
OUT              imm,reg_al               8086 
OUT              imm,reg_ax               8086 
OUT              imm,reg_eax              386 
OUT              reg_dx,reg_al            8086 
OUT              reg_dx,reg_ax            8086 
OUT              reg_dx,reg_eax           386 
OUTSB                                     186 
OUTSD                                     386 
OUTSW                                     186 
PACKSSDW         mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PACKSSWB         mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PACKUSWB         mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PADDB            mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PADDD            mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PADDSB           mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PADDSIW          mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX,CYRIX 
PADDSW           mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PADDUSB          mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PADDUSW          mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PADDW            mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PAND             mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PANDN            mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PAUSE                                     8086 
PAVEB            mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX,CYRIX 
PAVGUSB          mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,3DNOW 
PCMPEQB          mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PCMPEQD          mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PCMPEQW          mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PCMPGTB          mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PCMPGTD          mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PCMPGTW          mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PDISTIB          mmxreg,mem               PENT,MMX,CYRIX 
PF2ID            mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,3DNOW 
PFACC            mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,3DNOW 
PFADD            mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,3DNOW 
PFCMPEQ          mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,3DNOW 
PFCMPGE          mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,3DNOW 
PFCMPGT          mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,3DNOW 
PFMAX            mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,3DNOW 
PFMIN            mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,3DNOW 
PFMUL            mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,3DNOW 
PFRCP            mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,3DNOW 
PFRCPIT1         mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,3DNOW 
PFRCPIT2         mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,3DNOW 
PFRSQIT1         mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,3DNOW 
PFRSQRT          mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,3DNOW 
PFSUB            mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,3DNOW 
PFSUBR           mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,3DNOW 
PI2FD            mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,3DNOW 
PMACHRIW         mmxreg,mem               PENT,MMX,CYRIX 
PMADDWD          mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PMAGW            mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX,CYRIX 
PMULHRIW         mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX,CYRIX 
PMULHRWA         mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,3DNOW 
PMULHRWC         mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX,CYRIX 
PMULHW           mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PMULLW           mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PMVGEZB          mmxreg,mem               PENT,MMX,CYRIX 
PMVLZB           mmxreg,mem               PENT,MMX,CYRIX 
PMVNZB           mmxreg,mem               PENT,MMX,CYRIX 
PMVZB            mmxreg,mem               PENT,MMX,CYRIX 
POP              reg16                    8086 
POP              reg32                    386,NOLONG 
POP              reg64                    X64 
POP              rm16                     8086 
POP              rm32                     386,NOLONG 
POP              rm64                     X64 
POP              reg_cs                   8086,UNDOC,ND 
POP              reg_dess                 8086,NOLONG 
POP              reg_fsgs                 386 
POPA                                      186,NOLONG 
POPAD                                     386,NOLONG 
POPAW                                     186,NOLONG 
POPF                                      8086 
POPFD                                     386,NOLONG 
POPFQ                                     X64 
POPFW                                     8086 
POR              mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PREFETCH         mem                      PENT,3DNOW 
PREFETCHW        mem                      PENT,3DNOW 
PSLLD            mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PSLLD            mmxreg,imm               PENT,MMX 
PSLLQ            mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PSLLQ            mmxreg,imm               PENT,MMX 
PSLLW            mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PSLLW            mmxreg,imm               PENT,MMX 
PSRAD            mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PSRAD            mmxreg,imm               PENT,MMX 
PSRAW            mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PSRAW            mmxreg,imm               PENT,MMX 
PSRLD            mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PSRLD            mmxreg,imm               PENT,MMX 
PSRLQ            mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PSRLQ            mmxreg,imm               PENT,MMX 
PSRLW            mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PSRLW            mmxreg,imm               PENT,MMX 
PSUBB            mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PSUBD            mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PSUBSB           mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PSUBSIW          mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX,CYRIX 
PSUBSW           mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PSUBUSB          mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PSUBUSW          mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PSUBW            mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PUNPCKHBW        mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PUNPCKHDQ        mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PUNPCKHWD        mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PUNPCKLBW        mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PUNPCKLDQ        mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PUNPCKLWD        mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
PUSH             reg16                    8086 
PUSH             reg32                    386,NOLONG 
PUSH             reg64                    X64 
PUSH             rm16                     8086 
PUSH             rm32                     386,NOLONG 
PUSH             rm64                     X64 
PUSH             reg_cs                   8086,NOLONG 
PUSH             reg_dess                 8086,NOLONG 
PUSH             reg_fsgs                 386 
PUSH             imm8                     186 
PUSH             imm16                    186,AR0,SZ 
PUSH             imm32                    386,NOLONG,AR0,SZ 
PUSH             imm32                    386,NOLONG,SD 
PUSH             imm32                    X64,AR0,SZ 
PUSH             imm64                    X64,AR0,SZ 
PUSHA                                     186,NOLONG 
PUSHAD                                    386,NOLONG 
PUSHAW                                    186,NOLONG 
PUSHF                                     8086 
PUSHFD                                    386,NOLONG 
PUSHFQ                                    X64 
PUSHFW                                    8086 
PXOR             mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,MMX 
RCL              rm8,unity                8086 
RCL              rm8,reg_cl               8086 
RCL              rm8,imm                  186 
RCL              rm16,unity               8086 
RCL              rm16,reg_cl              8086 
RCL              rm16,imm                 186 
RCL              rm32,unity               386 
RCL              rm32,reg_cl              386 
RCL              rm32,imm                 386 
RCL              rm64,unity               X64 
RCL              rm64,reg_cl              X64 
RCL              rm64,imm                 X64 
RCR              rm8,unity                8086 
RCR              rm8,reg_cl               8086 
RCR              rm8,imm                  186 
RCR              rm16,unity               8086 
RCR              rm16,reg_cl              8086 
RCR              rm16,imm                 186 
RCR              rm32,unity               386 
RCR              rm32,reg_cl              386 
RCR              rm32,imm                 386 
RCR              rm64,unity               X64 
RCR              rm64,reg_cl              X64 
RCR              rm64,imm                 X64 
RDSHR            rm32                     P6,CYRIXM 
RDMSR                                     PENT,PRIV 
RDPMC                                     P6 
RDTSC                                     PENT 
RDTSCP                                    X86_64 
RET                                       8086 
RET              imm                      8086,SW 
RETF                                      8086 
RETF             imm                      8086,SW 
RETN                                      8086 
RETN             imm                      8086,SW 
ROL              rm8,unity                8086 
ROL              rm8,reg_cl               8086 
ROL              rm8,imm                  186 
ROL              rm16,unity               8086 
ROL              rm16,reg_cl              8086 
ROL              rm16,imm                 186 
ROL              rm32,unity               386 
ROL              rm32,reg_cl              386 
ROL              rm32,imm                 386 
ROL              rm64,unity               X64 
ROL              rm64,reg_cl              X64 
ROL              rm64,imm                 X64 
ROR              rm8,unity                8086 
ROR              rm8,reg_cl               8086 
ROR              rm8,imm                  186 
ROR              rm16,unity               8086 
ROR              rm16,reg_cl              8086 
ROR              rm16,imm                 186 
ROR              rm32,unity               386 
ROR              rm32,reg_cl              386 
ROR              rm32,imm                 386 
ROR              rm64,unity               X64 
ROR              rm64,reg_cl              X64 
ROR              rm64,imm                 X64 
RDM                                       P6,CYRIX,ND 
RSDC             reg_sreg,mem80           486,CYRIXM 
RSLDT            mem80                    486,CYRIXM 
RSM                                       PENTM 
RSTS             mem80                    486,CYRIXM 
SAHF                                      8086 
SAL              rm8,unity                8086,ND 
SAL              rm8,reg_cl               8086,ND 
SAL              rm8,imm                  186,ND 
SAL              rm16,unity               8086,ND 
SAL              rm16,reg_cl              8086,ND 
SAL              rm16,imm                 186,ND 
SAL              rm32,unity               386,ND 
SAL              rm32,reg_cl              386,ND 
SAL              rm32,imm                 386,ND 
SAL              rm64,unity               X64,ND 
SAL              rm64,reg_cl              X64,ND 
SAL              rm64,imm                 X64,ND 
SALC                                      8086,UNDOC 
SAR              rm8,unity                8086 
SAR              rm8,reg_cl               8086 
SAR              rm8,imm                  186 
SAR              rm16,unity               8086 
SAR              rm16,reg_cl              8086 
SAR              rm16,imm                 186 
SAR              rm32,unity               386 
SAR              rm32,reg_cl              386 
SAR              rm32,imm                 386 
SAR              rm64,unity               X64 
SAR              rm64,reg_cl              X64 
SAR              rm64,imm                 X64 
SBB              mem,reg8                 8086 
SBB              reg8,reg8                8086 
SBB              mem,reg16                8086 
SBB              reg16,reg16              8086 
SBB              mem,reg32                386 
SBB              reg32,reg32              386 
SBB              mem,reg64                X64 
SBB              reg64,reg64              X64 
SBB              reg8,mem                 8086 
SBB              reg8,reg8                8086 
SBB              reg16,mem                8086 
SBB              reg16,reg16              8086 
SBB              reg32,mem                386 
SBB              reg32,reg32              386 
SBB              reg64,mem                X64 
SBB              reg64,reg64              X64 
SBB              rm16,imm8                8086 
SBB              rm32,imm8                386 
SBB              rm64,imm8                X64 
SBB              reg_al,imm               8086 
SBB              reg_ax,sbyte16           8086 
SBB              reg_ax,imm               8086 
SBB              reg_eax,sbyte32          386 
SBB              reg_eax,imm              386 
SBB              reg_rax,sbyte64          X64 
SBB              reg_rax,imm              X64 
SBB              rm8,imm                  8086 
SBB              rm16,imm                 8086 
SBB              rm32,imm                 386 
SBB              rm64,imm                 X64 
SBB              mem,imm8                 8086 
SBB              mem,imm16                8086 
SBB              mem,imm32                386 
SCASB                                     8086 
SCASD                                     386 
SCASQ                                     X64 
SCASW                                     8086 
SFENCE                                    X64,AMD 
SGDT             mem                      286 
SHL              rm8,unity                8086 
SHL              rm8,reg_cl               8086 
SHL              rm8,imm                  186 
SHL              rm16,unity               8086 
SHL              rm16,reg_cl              8086 
SHL              rm16,imm                 186 
SHL              rm32,unity               386 
SHL              rm32,reg_cl              386 
SHL              rm32,imm                 386 
SHL              rm64,unity               X64 
SHL              rm64,reg_cl              X64 
SHL              rm64,imm                 X64 
SHLD             mem,reg16,imm            3862 
SHLD             reg16,reg16,imm          3862 
SHLD             mem,reg32,imm            3862 
SHLD             reg32,reg32,imm          3862 
SHLD             mem,reg64,imm            X642 
SHLD             reg64,reg64,imm          X642 
SHLD             mem,reg16,reg_cl         386 
SHLD             reg16,reg16,reg_cl       386 
SHLD             mem,reg32,reg_cl         386 
SHLD             reg32,reg32,reg_cl       386 
SHLD             mem,reg64,reg_cl         X64 
SHLD             reg64,reg64,reg_cl       X64 
SHR              rm8,unity                8086 
SHR              rm8,reg_cl               8086 
SHR              rm8,imm                  186 
SHR              rm16,unity               8086 
SHR              rm16,reg_cl              8086 
SHR              rm16,imm                 186 
SHR              rm32,unity               386 
SHR              rm32,reg_cl              386 
SHR              rm32,imm                 386 
SHR              rm64,unity               X64 
SHR              rm64,reg_cl              X64 
SHR              rm64,imm                 X64 
SHRD             mem,reg16,imm            3862 
SHRD             reg16,reg16,imm          3862 
SHRD             mem,reg32,imm            3862 
SHRD             reg32,reg32,imm          3862 
SHRD             mem,reg64,imm            X642 
SHRD             reg64,reg64,imm          X642 
SHRD             mem,reg16,reg_cl         386 
SHRD             reg16,reg16,reg_cl       386 
SHRD             mem,reg32,reg_cl         386 
SHRD             reg32,reg32,reg_cl       386 
SHRD             mem,reg64,reg_cl         X64 
SHRD             reg64,reg64,reg_cl       X64 
SIDT             mem                      286 
SLDT             mem                      286 
SLDT             mem16                    286 
SLDT             reg16                    286 
SLDT             reg32                    386 
SLDT             reg64                    X64,ND 
SLDT             reg64                    X64 
SKINIT                                    X64 
SMI                                       386,UNDOC 
SMINT                                     P6,CYRIX,ND 
SMINTOLD                                  486,CYRIX,ND 
SMSW             mem                      286 
SMSW             mem16                    286 
SMSW             reg16                    286 
SMSW             reg32                    386 
STC                                       8086 
STD                                       8086 
STGI                                      X64 
STI                                       8086 
STOSB                                     8086 
STOSD                                     386 
STOSQ                                     X64 
STOSW                                     8086 
STR              mem                      286,PROT 
STR              mem16                    286,PROT 
STR              reg16                    286,PROT 
STR              reg32                    386,PROT 
STR              reg64                    X64 
SUB              mem,reg8                 8086 
SUB              reg8,reg8                8086 
SUB              mem,reg16                8086 
SUB              reg16,reg16              8086 
SUB              mem,reg32                386 
SUB              reg32,reg32              386 
SUB              mem,reg64                X64 
SUB              reg64,reg64              X64 
SUB              reg8,mem                 8086 
SUB              reg8,reg8                8086 
SUB              reg16,mem                8086 
SUB              reg16,reg16              8086 
SUB              reg32,mem                386 
SUB              reg32,reg32              386 
SUB              reg64,mem                X64 
SUB              reg64,reg64              X64 
SUB              rm16,imm8                8086 
SUB              rm32,imm8                386 
SUB              rm64,imm8                X64 
SUB              reg_al,imm               8086 
SUB              reg_ax,sbyte16           8086 
SUB              reg_ax,imm               8086 
SUB              reg_eax,sbyte32          386 
SUB              reg_eax,imm              386 
SUB              reg_rax,sbyte64          X64 
SUB              reg_rax,imm              X64 
SUB              rm8,imm                  8086 
SUB              rm16,imm                 8086 
SUB              rm32,imm                 386 
SUB              rm64,imm                 X64 
SUB              mem,imm8                 8086 
SUB              mem,imm16                8086 
SUB              mem,imm32                386 
SVDC             mem80,reg_sreg           486,CYRIXM 
SVLDT            mem80                    486,CYRIXM,ND 
SVTS             mem80                    486,CYRIXM 
SWAPGS                                    X64 
SYSCALL                                   P6,AMD 
SYSENTER                                  P6 
SYSEXIT                                   P6,PRIV 
SYSRET                                    P6,PRIV,AMD 
TEST             mem,reg8                 8086 
TEST             reg8,reg8                8086 
TEST             mem,reg16                8086 
TEST             reg16,reg16              8086 
TEST             mem,reg32                386 
TEST             reg32,reg32              386 
TEST             mem,reg64                X64 
TEST             reg64,reg64              X64 
TEST             reg8,mem                 8086 
TEST             reg16,mem                8086 
TEST             reg32,mem                386 
TEST             reg64,mem                X64 
TEST             reg_al,imm               8086 
TEST             reg_ax,imm               8086 
TEST             reg_eax,imm              386 
TEST             reg_rax,imm              X64 
TEST             rm8,imm                  8086 
TEST             rm16,imm                 8086 
TEST             rm32,imm                 386 
TEST             rm64,imm                 X64 
TEST             mem,imm8                 8086 
TEST             mem,imm16                8086 
TEST             mem,imm32                386 
UD0                                       186,UNDOC 
UD1                                       186,UNDOC 
UD2B                                      186,UNDOC,ND 
UD2                                       186 
UD2A                                      186,ND 
UMOV             mem,reg8                 386,UNDOC,ND 
UMOV             reg8,reg8                386,UNDOC,ND 
UMOV             mem,reg16                386,UNDOC,ND 
UMOV             reg16,reg16              386,UNDOC,ND 
UMOV             mem,reg32                386,UNDOC,ND 
UMOV             reg32,reg32              386,UNDOC,ND 
UMOV             reg8,mem                 386,UNDOC,ND 
UMOV             reg8,reg8                386,UNDOC,ND 
UMOV             reg16,mem                386,UNDOC,ND 
UMOV             reg16,reg16              386,UNDOC,ND 
UMOV             reg32,mem                386,UNDOC,ND 
UMOV             reg32,reg32              386,UNDOC,ND 
VERR             mem                      286,PROT 
VERR             mem16                    286,PROT 
VERR             reg16                    286,PROT 
VERW             mem                      286,PROT 
VERW             mem16                    286,PROT 
VERW             reg16                    286,PROT 
FWAIT                                     8086 
WBINVD                                    486,PRIV 
WRSHR            rm32                     P6,CYRIXM 
WRMSR                                     PENT,PRIV 
XADD             mem,reg8                 486 
XADD             reg8,reg8                486 
XADD             mem,reg16                486 
XADD             reg16,reg16              486 
XADD             mem,reg32                486 
XADD             reg32,reg32              486 
XADD             mem,reg64                X64 
XADD             reg64,reg64              X64 
XBTS             reg16,mem                386,SW,UNDOC,ND 
XBTS             reg16,reg16              386,UNDOC,ND 
XBTS             reg32,mem                386,SD,UNDOC,ND 
XBTS             reg32,reg32              386,UNDOC,ND 
XCHG             reg_ax,reg16             8086 
XCHG             reg_eax,reg32na          386 
XCHG             reg_rax,reg64            X64 
XCHG             reg16,reg_ax             8086 
XCHG             reg32na,reg_eax          386 
XCHG             reg64,reg_rax            X64 
XCHG             reg_eax,reg_eax          386,NOLONG 
XCHG             reg8,mem                 8086 
XCHG             reg8,reg8                8086 
XCHG             reg16,mem                8086 
XCHG             reg16,reg16              8086 
XCHG             reg32,mem                386 
XCHG             reg32,reg32              386 
XCHG             reg64,mem                X64 
XCHG             reg64,reg64              X64 
XCHG             mem,reg8                 8086 
XCHG             reg8,reg8                8086 
XCHG             mem,reg16                8086 
XCHG             reg16,reg16              8086 
XCHG             mem,reg32                386 
XCHG             reg32,reg32              386 
XCHG             mem,reg64                X64 
XCHG             reg64,reg64              X64 
XLATB                                     8086 
XLAT                                      8086 
XOR              mem,reg8                 8086 
XOR              reg8,reg8                8086 
XOR              mem,reg16                8086 
XOR              reg16,reg16              8086 
XOR              mem,reg32                386 
XOR              reg32,reg32              386 
XOR              mem,reg64                X64 
XOR              reg64,reg64              X64 
XOR              reg8,mem                 8086 
XOR              reg8,reg8                8086 
XOR              reg16,mem                8086 
XOR              reg16,reg16              8086 
XOR              reg32,mem                386 
XOR              reg32,reg32              386 
XOR              reg64,mem                X64 
XOR              reg64,reg64              X64 
XOR              rm16,imm8                8086 
XOR              rm32,imm8                386 
XOR              rm64,imm8                X64 
XOR              reg_al,imm               8086 
XOR              reg_ax,sbyte16           8086 
XOR              reg_ax,imm               8086 
XOR              reg_eax,sbyte32          386 
XOR              reg_eax,imm              386 
XOR              reg_rax,sbyte64          X64 
XOR              reg_rax,imm              X64 
XOR              rm8,imm                  8086 
XOR              rm16,imm                 8086 
XOR              rm32,imm                 386 
XOR              rm64,imm                 X64 
XOR              mem,imm8                 8086 
XOR              mem,imm16                8086 
XOR              mem,imm32                386 
CMOVcc           reg16,mem                P6 
CMOVcc           reg16,reg16              P6 
CMOVcc           reg32,mem                P6 
CMOVcc           reg32,reg32              P6 
CMOVcc           reg64,mem                X64 
CMOVcc           reg64,reg64              X64 
Jcc              imm|near                 386 
Jcc              imm16|near               386 
Jcc              imm32|near               386 
Jcc              imm|short                8086,ND 
Jcc              imm                      8086,ND 
Jcc              imm                      386,ND 
Jcc              imm                      8086,ND 
Jcc              imm                      8086 
SETcc            mem                      386 
SETcc            reg8                     386

B.1.3 Katmai Streaming SIMD instructions (SSE -- a.k.a. KNI, XMM, MMX2)

ADDPS            xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE 
ADDSS            xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE,SD 
ANDNPS           xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE 
ANDPS            xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE 
CMPEQPS          xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE 
CMPEQSS          xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE 
CMPLEPS          xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE 
CMPLESS          xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE 
CMPLTPS          xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE 
CMPLTSS          xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE 
CMPNEQPS         xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE 
CMPNEQSS         xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE 
CMPNLEPS         xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE 
CMPNLESS         xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE 
CMPNLTPS         xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE 
CMPNLTSS         xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE 
CMPORDPS         xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE 
CMPORDSS         xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE 
CMPUNORDPS       xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE 
CMPUNORDSS       xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE 
CMPPS            xmmreg,mem,imm           KATMAI,SSE 
CMPPS            xmmreg,xmmreg,imm        KATMAI,SSE 
CMPSS            xmmreg,mem,imm           KATMAI,SSE 
CMPSS            xmmreg,xmmreg,imm        KATMAI,SSE 
COMISS           xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE 
CVTPI2PS         xmmreg,mmxrm             KATMAI,SSE,MMX 
CVTPS2PI         mmxreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE,MMX 
CVTSI2SS         xmmreg,mem               KATMAI,SSE,SD,AR1,ND 
CVTSI2SS         xmmreg,rm32              KATMAI,SSE,SD,AR1 
CVTSI2SS         xmmreg,rm64              X64,SSE,AR1 
CVTSS2SI         reg32,xmmreg             KATMAI,SSE,SD,AR1 
CVTSS2SI         reg32,mem                KATMAI,SSE,SD,AR1 
CVTSS2SI         reg64,xmmreg             X64,SSE,SD,AR1 
CVTSS2SI         reg64,mem                X64,SSE,SD,AR1 
CVTTPS2PI        mmxreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE,MMX 
CVTTSS2SI        reg32,xmmrm              KATMAI,SSE,SD,AR1 
CVTTSS2SI        reg64,xmmrm              X64,SSE,SD,AR1 
DIVPS            xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE 
DIVSS            xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE 
LDMXCSR          mem                      KATMAI,SSE,SD 
MAXPS            xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE 
MAXSS            xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE 
MINPS            xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE 
MINSS            xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE 
MOVAPS           xmmreg,mem               KATMAI,SSE 
MOVAPS           mem,xmmreg               KATMAI,SSE 
MOVAPS           xmmreg,xmmreg            KATMAI,SSE 
MOVAPS           xmmreg,xmmreg            KATMAI,SSE 
MOVHPS           xmmreg,mem               KATMAI,SSE 
MOVHPS           mem,xmmreg               KATMAI,SSE 
MOVLHPS          xmmreg,xmmreg            KATMAI,SSE 
MOVLPS           xmmreg,mem               KATMAI,SSE 
MOVLPS           mem,xmmreg               KATMAI,SSE 
MOVHLPS          xmmreg,xmmreg            KATMAI,SSE 
MOVMSKPS         reg32,xmmreg             KATMAI,SSE 
MOVMSKPS         reg64,xmmreg             X64,SSE 
MOVNTPS          mem,xmmreg               KATMAI,SSE 
MOVSS            xmmreg,mem               KATMAI,SSE 
MOVSS            mem,xmmreg               KATMAI,SSE 
MOVSS            xmmreg,xmmreg            KATMAI,SSE 
MOVSS            xmmreg,xmmreg            KATMAI,SSE 
MOVUPS           xmmreg,mem               KATMAI,SSE 
MOVUPS           mem,xmmreg               KATMAI,SSE 
MOVUPS           xmmreg,xmmreg            KATMAI,SSE 
MOVUPS           xmmreg,xmmreg            KATMAI,SSE 
MULPS            xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE 
MULSS            xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE 
ORPS             xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE 
RCPPS            xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE 
RCPSS            xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE 
RSQRTPS          xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE 
RSQRTSS          xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE 
SHUFPS           xmmreg,mem,imm           KATMAI,SSE 
SHUFPS           xmmreg,xmmreg,imm        KATMAI,SSE 
SQRTPS           xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE 
SQRTSS           xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE 
STMXCSR          mem                      KATMAI,SSE,SD 
SUBPS            xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE 
SUBSS            xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE 
UCOMISS          xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE 
UNPCKHPS         xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE 
UNPCKLPS         xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE 
XORPS            xmmreg,xmmrm             KATMAI,SSE

B.1.4 Introduced in Deschutes but necessary for SSE support

FXRSTOR          mem                      P6,SSE,FPU 
FXRSTOR64        mem                      X64,SSE,FPU 
FXSAVE           mem                      P6,SSE,FPU 
FXSAVE64         mem                      X64,SSE,FPU

B.1.5 XSAVE group (AVX and extended state)

XGETBV                                    NEHALEM 
XSETBV                                    NEHALEM,PRIV 
XSAVE            mem                      NEHALEM 
XSAVE64          mem                      LONG,NEHALEM 
XSAVEOPT         mem                      FUTURE 
XSAVEOPT64       mem                      LONG,FUTURE 
XRSTOR           mem                      NEHALEM 
XRSTOR64         mem                      LONG,NEHALEM

B.1.6 Generic memory operations

PREFETCHNTA      mem                      KATMAI 
PREFETCHT0       mem                      KATMAI 
PREFETCHT1       mem                      KATMAI 
PREFETCHT2       mem                      KATMAI 
SFENCE                                    KATMAI

B.1.7 New MMX instructions introduced in Katmai

MASKMOVQ         mmxreg,mmxreg            KATMAI,MMX 
MOVNTQ           mem,mmxreg               KATMAI,MMX 
PAVGB            mmxreg,mmxrm             KATMAI,MMX 
PAVGW            mmxreg,mmxrm             KATMAI,MMX 
PEXTRW           reg32,mmxreg,imm         KATMAI,MMX 
PINSRW           mmxreg,mem,imm           KATMAI,MMX 
PINSRW           mmxreg,rm16,imm          KATMAI,MMX 
PINSRW           mmxreg,reg32,imm         KATMAI,MMX 
PMAXSW           mmxreg,mmxrm             KATMAI,MMX 
PMAXUB           mmxreg,mmxrm             KATMAI,MMX 
PMINSW           mmxreg,mmxrm             KATMAI,MMX 
PMINUB           mmxreg,mmxrm             KATMAI,MMX 
PMOVMSKB         reg32,mmxreg             KATMAI,MMX 
PMULHUW          mmxreg,mmxrm             KATMAI,MMX 
PSADBW           mmxreg,mmxrm             KATMAI,MMX 
PSHUFW           mmxreg,mmxrm,imm         KATMAI,MMX2

B.1.8 AMD Enhanced 3DNow! (Athlon) instructions

PF2IW            mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,3DNOW 
PFNACC           mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,3DNOW 
PFPNACC          mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,3DNOW 
PI2FW            mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,3DNOW 
PSWAPD           mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,3DNOW

B.1.9 Willamette SSE2 Cacheability Instructions

MASKMOVDQU       xmmreg,xmmreg            WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
CLFLUSH          mem                      WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
MOVNTDQ          mem,xmmreg               WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
MOVNTI           mem,reg32                WILLAMETTE,SD 
MOVNTI           mem,reg64                X64 
MOVNTPD          mem,xmmreg               WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
LFENCE                                    WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
MFENCE                                    WILLAMETTE,SSE2

B.1.10 Willamette MMX instructions (SSE2 SIMD Integer Instructions)

MOVD             mem,xmmreg               WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SD 
MOVD             xmmreg,mem               WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SD 
MOVD             xmmreg,rm32              WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
MOVD             rm32,xmmreg              WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
MOVDQA           xmmreg,xmmreg            WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
MOVDQA           mem,xmmreg               WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
MOVDQA           xmmreg,mem               WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
MOVDQA           xmmreg,xmmreg            WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
MOVDQU           xmmreg,xmmreg            WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
MOVDQU           mem,xmmreg               WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
MOVDQU           xmmreg,mem               WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
MOVDQU           xmmreg,xmmreg            WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
MOVDQ2Q          mmxreg,xmmreg            WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
MOVQ             xmmreg,xmmreg            WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
MOVQ             xmmreg,xmmreg            WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
MOVQ             mem,xmmreg               WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
MOVQ             xmmreg,mem               WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
MOVQ             xmmreg,rm64              X64,SSE2 
MOVQ             rm64,xmmreg              X64,SSE2 
MOVQ2DQ          xmmreg,mmxreg            WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
PACKSSWB         xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PACKSSDW         xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PACKUSWB         xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PADDB            xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PADDW            xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PADDD            xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PADDQ            mmxreg,mmxrm             WILLAMETTE,MMX 
PADDQ            xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PADDSB           xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PADDSW           xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PADDUSB          xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PADDUSW          xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PAND             xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PANDN            xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PAVGB            xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PAVGW            xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PCMPEQB          xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PCMPEQW          xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PCMPEQD          xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PCMPGTB          xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PCMPGTW          xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PCMPGTD          xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PEXTRW           reg32,xmmreg,imm         WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
PINSRW           xmmreg,reg16,imm         WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
PINSRW           xmmreg,reg32,imm         WILLAMETTE,SSE2,ND 
PINSRW           xmmreg,mem,imm           WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
PINSRW           xmmreg,mem16,imm         WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
PMADDWD          xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PMAXSW           xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PMAXUB           xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PMINSW           xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PMINUB           xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PMOVMSKB         reg32,xmmreg             WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
PMULHUW          xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PMULHW           xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PMULLW           xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PMULUDQ          mmxreg,mmxrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PMULUDQ          xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
POR              xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PSADBW           xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PSHUFD           xmmreg,xmmreg,imm        WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
PSHUFD           xmmreg,mem,imm           WILLAMETTE,SSE22 
PSHUFHW          xmmreg,xmmreg,imm        WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
PSHUFHW          xmmreg,mem,imm           WILLAMETTE,SSE22 
PSHUFLW          xmmreg,xmmreg,imm        WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
PSHUFLW          xmmreg,mem,imm           WILLAMETTE,SSE22 
PSLLDQ           xmmreg,imm               WILLAMETTE,SSE2,AR1 
PSLLW            xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PSLLW            xmmreg,imm               WILLAMETTE,SSE2,AR1 
PSLLD            xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PSLLD            xmmreg,imm               WILLAMETTE,SSE2,AR1 
PSLLQ            xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PSLLQ            xmmreg,imm               WILLAMETTE,SSE2,AR1 
PSRAW            xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PSRAW            xmmreg,imm               WILLAMETTE,SSE2,AR1 
PSRAD            xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PSRAD            xmmreg,imm               WILLAMETTE,SSE2,AR1 
PSRLDQ           xmmreg,imm               WILLAMETTE,SSE2,AR1 
PSRLW            xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PSRLW            xmmreg,imm               WILLAMETTE,SSE2,AR1 
PSRLD            xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PSRLD            xmmreg,imm               WILLAMETTE,SSE2,AR1 
PSRLQ            xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PSRLQ            xmmreg,imm               WILLAMETTE,SSE2,AR1 
PSUBB            xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PSUBW            xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PSUBD            xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PSUBQ            mmxreg,mmxrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PSUBQ            xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PSUBSB           xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PSUBSW           xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PSUBUSB          xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PSUBUSW          xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PUNPCKHBW        xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PUNPCKHWD        xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PUNPCKHDQ        xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PUNPCKHQDQ       xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PUNPCKLBW        xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PUNPCKLWD        xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PUNPCKLDQ        xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PUNPCKLQDQ       xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
PXOR             xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO

B.1.11 Willamette Streaming SIMD instructions (SSE2)

ADDPD            xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
ADDSD            xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
ANDNPD           xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
ANDPD            xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
CMPEQPD          xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
CMPEQSD          xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
CMPLEPD          xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
CMPLESD          xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
CMPLTPD          xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
CMPLTSD          xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
CMPNEQPD         xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
CMPNEQSD         xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
CMPNLEPD         xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
CMPNLESD         xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
CMPNLTPD         xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
CMPNLTSD         xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
CMPORDPD         xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
CMPORDSD         xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
CMPUNORDPD       xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
CMPUNORDSD       xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
CMPPD            xmmreg,xmmrm,imm         WILLAMETTE,SSE22 
CMPSD            xmmreg,xmmrm,imm         WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
COMISD           xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
CVTDQ2PD         xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
CVTDQ2PS         xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
CVTPD2DQ         xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
CVTPD2PI         mmxreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
CVTPD2PS         xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
CVTPI2PD         xmmreg,mmxrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
CVTPS2DQ         xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
CVTPS2PD         xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
CVTSD2SI         reg32,xmmreg             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,AR1 
CVTSD2SI         reg32,mem                WILLAMETTE,SSE2,AR1 
CVTSD2SI         reg64,xmmreg             X64,SSE2,AR1 
CVTSD2SI         reg64,mem                X64,SSE2,AR1 
CVTSD2SS         xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
CVTSI2SD         xmmreg,mem               WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SD,AR1,ND 
CVTSI2SD         xmmreg,rm32              WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SD,AR1 
CVTSI2SD         xmmreg,rm64              X64,SSE2,AR1 
CVTSS2SD         xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SD 
CVTTPD2PI        mmxreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
CVTTPD2DQ        xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
CVTTPS2DQ        xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
CVTTSD2SI        reg32,xmmreg             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,AR1 
CVTTSD2SI        reg32,mem                WILLAMETTE,SSE2,AR1 
CVTTSD2SI        reg64,xmmreg             X64,SSE2,AR1 
CVTTSD2SI        reg64,mem                X64,SSE2,AR1 
DIVPD            xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
DIVSD            xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
MAXPD            xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
MAXSD            xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
MINPD            xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
MINSD            xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
MOVAPD           xmmreg,xmmreg            WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
MOVAPD           xmmreg,xmmreg            WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
MOVAPD           mem,xmmreg               WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
MOVAPD           xmmreg,mem               WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
MOVHPD           mem,xmmreg               WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
MOVHPD           xmmreg,mem               WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
MOVLPD           mem,xmmreg               WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
MOVLPD           xmmreg,mem               WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
MOVMSKPD         reg32,xmmreg             WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
MOVMSKPD         reg64,xmmreg             X64,SSE2 
MOVSD            xmmreg,xmmreg            WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
MOVSD            xmmreg,xmmreg            WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
MOVSD            mem,xmmreg               WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
MOVSD            xmmreg,mem               WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
MOVUPD           xmmreg,xmmreg            WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
MOVUPD           xmmreg,xmmreg            WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
MOVUPD           mem,xmmreg               WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
MOVUPD           xmmreg,mem               WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
MULPD            xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
MULSD            xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
ORPD             xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
SHUFPD           xmmreg,xmmreg,imm        WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
SHUFPD           xmmreg,mem,imm           WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
SQRTPD           xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
SQRTSD           xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
SUBPD            xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
SUBSD            xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
UCOMISD          xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2 
UNPCKHPD         xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
UNPCKLPD         xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO 
XORPD            xmmreg,xmmrm             WILLAMETTE,SSE2,SO

B.1.12 Prescott New Instructions (SSE3)

ADDSUBPD         xmmreg,xmmrm             PRESCOTT,SSE3,SO 
ADDSUBPS         xmmreg,xmmrm             PRESCOTT,SSE3,SO 
HADDPD           xmmreg,xmmrm             PRESCOTT,SSE3,SO 
HADDPS           xmmreg,xmmrm             PRESCOTT,SSE3,SO 
HSUBPD           xmmreg,xmmrm             PRESCOTT,SSE3,SO 
HSUBPS           xmmreg,xmmrm             PRESCOTT,SSE3,SO 
LDDQU            xmmreg,mem               PRESCOTT,SSE3,SO 
MOVDDUP          xmmreg,xmmrm             PRESCOTT,SSE3 
MOVSHDUP         xmmreg,xmmrm             PRESCOTT,SSE3 
MOVSLDUP         xmmreg,xmmrm             PRESCOTT,SSE3

B.1.13 VMX Instructions

VMCALL                                    VMX 
VMCLEAR          mem                      VMX 
VMLAUNCH                                  VMX 
VMLOAD                                    X64,VMX 
VMMCALL                                   X64,VMX 
VMPTRLD          mem                      VMX 
VMPTRST          mem                      VMX 
VMREAD           rm32,reg32               VMX,NOLONG,SD 
VMREAD           rm64,reg64               X64,VMX 
VMRESUME                                  VMX 
VMRUN                                     X64,VMX 
VMSAVE                                    X64,VMX 
VMWRITE          reg32,rm32               VMX,NOLONG,SD 
VMWRITE          reg64,rm64               X64,VMX 
VMXOFF                                    VMX 
VMXON            mem                      VMX

B.1.14 Extended Page Tables VMX instructions

INVEPT           reg32,mem                VMX,SO,NOLONG 
INVEPT           reg64,mem                VMX,SO,LONG 
INVVPID          reg32,mem                VMX,SO,NOLONG 
INVVPID          reg64,mem                VMX,SO,LONG

B.1.15 Tejas New Instructions (SSSE3)

PABSB            mmxreg,mmxrm             SSSE3,MMX 
PABSB            xmmreg,xmmrm             SSSE3 
PABSW            mmxreg,mmxrm             SSSE3,MMX 
PABSW            xmmreg,xmmrm             SSSE3 
PABSD            mmxreg,mmxrm             SSSE3,MMX 
PABSD            xmmreg,xmmrm             SSSE3 
PALIGNR          mmxreg,mmxrm,imm         SSSE3,MMX 
PALIGNR          xmmreg,xmmrm,imm         SSSE3 
PHADDW           mmxreg,mmxrm             SSSE3,MMX 
PHADDW           xmmreg,xmmrm             SSSE3 
PHADDD           mmxreg,mmxrm             SSSE3,MMX 
PHADDD           xmmreg,xmmrm             SSSE3 
PHADDSW          mmxreg,mmxrm             SSSE3,MMX 
PHADDSW          xmmreg,xmmrm             SSSE3 
PHSUBW           mmxreg,mmxrm             SSSE3,MMX 
PHSUBW           xmmreg,xmmrm             SSSE3 
PHSUBD           mmxreg,mmxrm             SSSE3,MMX 
PHSUBD           xmmreg,xmmrm             SSSE3 
PHSUBSW          mmxreg,mmxrm             SSSE3,MMX 
PHSUBSW          xmmreg,xmmrm             SSSE3 
PMADDUBSW        mmxreg,mmxrm             SSSE3,MMX 
PMADDUBSW        xmmreg,xmmrm             SSSE3 
PMULHRSW         mmxreg,mmxrm             SSSE3,MMX 
PMULHRSW         xmmreg,xmmrm             SSSE3 
PSHUFB           mmxreg,mmxrm             SSSE3,MMX 
PSHUFB           xmmreg,xmmrm             SSSE3 
PSIGNB           mmxreg,mmxrm             SSSE3,MMX 
PSIGNB           xmmreg,xmmrm             SSSE3 
PSIGNW           mmxreg,mmxrm             SSSE3,MMX 
PSIGNW           xmmreg,xmmrm             SSSE3 
PSIGND           mmxreg,mmxrm             SSSE3,MMX 
PSIGND           xmmreg,xmmrm             SSSE3

B.1.16 AMD SSE4A

EXTRQ            xmmreg,imm,imm           SSE4A,AMD 
EXTRQ            xmmreg,xmmreg            SSE4A,AMD 
INSERTQ          xmmreg,xmmreg,imm,imm    SSE4A,AMD 
INSERTQ          xmmreg,xmmreg            SSE4A,AMD 
MOVNTSD          mem,xmmreg               SSE4A,AMD 
MOVNTSS          mem,xmmreg               SSE4A,AMD,SD

B.1.17 New instructions in Barcelona

LZCNT            reg16,rm16               P6,AMD 
LZCNT            reg32,rm32               P6,AMD 
LZCNT            reg64,rm64               X64,AMD

B.1.18 Penryn New Instructions (SSE4.1)

BLENDPD          xmmreg,xmmrm,imm         SSE41 
BLENDPS          xmmreg,xmmrm,imm         SSE41 
BLENDVPD         xmmreg,xmmrm,xmm0        SSE41 
BLENDVPS         xmmreg,xmmrm,xmm0        SSE41 
DPPD             xmmreg,xmmrm,imm         SSE41 
DPPS             xmmreg,xmmrm,imm         SSE41 
EXTRACTPS        rm32,xmmreg,imm          SSE41 
EXTRACTPS        reg64,xmmreg,imm         SSE41,X64 
INSERTPS         xmmreg,xmmrm,imm         SSE41,SD 
MOVNTDQA         xmmreg,mem               SSE41 
MPSADBW          xmmreg,xmmrm,imm         SSE41 
PACKUSDW         xmmreg,xmmrm             SSE41 
PBLENDVB         xmmreg,xmmrm,xmm0        SSE41 
PBLENDW          xmmreg,xmmrm,imm         SSE41 
PCMPEQQ          xmmreg,xmmrm             SSE41 
PEXTRB           reg32,xmmreg,imm         SSE41 
PEXTRB           mem8,xmmreg,imm          SSE41 
PEXTRB           reg64,xmmreg,imm         SSE41,X64 
PEXTRD           rm32,xmmreg,imm          SSE41 
PEXTRQ           rm64,xmmreg,imm          SSE41,X64 
PEXTRW           reg32,xmmreg,imm         SSE41 
PEXTRW           mem16,xmmreg,imm         SSE41 
PEXTRW           reg64,xmmreg,imm         SSE41,X64 
PHMINPOSUW       xmmreg,xmmrm             SSE41 
PINSRB           xmmreg,mem,imm           SSE41 
PINSRB           xmmreg,rm8,imm           SSE41 
PINSRB           xmmreg,reg32,imm         SSE41 
PINSRD           xmmreg,mem,imm           SSE41 
PINSRD           xmmreg,rm32,imm          SSE41 
PINSRQ           xmmreg,mem,imm           SSE41,X64 
PINSRQ           xmmreg,rm64,imm          SSE41,X64 
PMAXSB           xmmreg,xmmrm             SSE41 
PMAXSD           xmmreg,xmmrm             SSE41 
PMAXUD           xmmreg,xmmrm             SSE41 
PMAXUW           xmmreg,xmmrm             SSE41 
PMINSB           xmmreg,xmmrm             SSE41 
PMINSD           xmmreg,xmmrm             SSE41 
PMINUD           xmmreg,xmmrm             SSE41 
PMINUW           xmmreg,xmmrm             SSE41 
PMOVSXBW         xmmreg,xmmrm             SSE41 
PMOVSXBD         xmmreg,xmmrm             SSE41,SD 
PMOVSXBQ         xmmreg,xmmrm             SSE41,SW 
PMOVSXWD         xmmreg,xmmrm             SSE41 
PMOVSXWQ         xmmreg,xmmrm             SSE41,SD 
PMOVSXDQ         xmmreg,xmmrm             SSE41 
PMOVZXBW         xmmreg,xmmrm             SSE41 
PMOVZXBD         xmmreg,xmmrm             SSE41,SD 
PMOVZXBQ         xmmreg,xmmrm             SSE41,SW 
PMOVZXWD         xmmreg,xmmrm             SSE41 
PMOVZXWQ         xmmreg,xmmrm             SSE41,SD 
PMOVZXDQ         xmmreg,xmmrm             SSE41 
PMULDQ           xmmreg,xmmrm             SSE41 
PMULLD           xmmreg,xmmrm             SSE41 
PTEST            xmmreg,xmmrm             SSE41 
ROUNDPD          xmmreg,xmmrm,imm         SSE41 
ROUNDPS          xmmreg,xmmrm,imm         SSE41 
ROUNDSD          xmmreg,xmmrm,imm         SSE41 
ROUNDSS          xmmreg,xmmrm,imm         SSE41

B.1.19 Nehalem New Instructions (SSE4.2)

CRC32            reg32,rm8                SSE42 
CRC32            reg32,rm16               SSE42 
CRC32            reg32,rm32               SSE42 
CRC32            reg64,rm8                SSE42,X64 
CRC32            reg64,rm64               SSE42,X64 
PCMPESTRI        xmmreg,xmmrm,imm         SSE42 
PCMPESTRM        xmmreg,xmmrm,imm         SSE42 
PCMPISTRI        xmmreg,xmmrm,imm         SSE42 
PCMPISTRM        xmmreg,xmmrm,imm         SSE42 
PCMPGTQ          xmmreg,xmmrm             SSE42 
POPCNT           reg16,rm16               NEHALEM,SW 
POPCNT           reg32,rm32               NEHALEM,SD 
POPCNT           reg64,rm64               NEHALEM,X64

B.1.20 Intel SMX

GETSEC                                    KATMAI

B.1.21 Geode (Cyrix) 3DNow! additions

PFRCPV           mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,3DNOW,CYRIX 
PFRSQRTV         mmxreg,mmxrm             PENT,3DNOW,CYRIX

B.1.22 Intel new instructions in ???

MOVBE            reg16,mem16              NEHALEM 
MOVBE            reg32,mem32              NEHALEM 
MOVBE            reg64,mem64              NEHALEM 
MOVBE            mem16,reg16              NEHALEM 
MOVBE            mem32,reg32              NEHALEM 
MOVBE            mem64,reg64              NEHALEM

B.1.23 Intel AES instructions

AESENC           xmmreg,xmmrm128          SSE,WESTMERE 
AESENCLAST       xmmreg,xmmrm128          SSE,WESTMERE 
AESDEC           xmmreg,xmmrm128          SSE,WESTMERE 
AESDECLAST       xmmreg,xmmrm128          SSE,WESTMERE 
AESIMC           xmmreg,xmmrm128          SSE,WESTMERE 
AESKEYGENASSIST  xmmreg,xmmrm128,imm8     SSE,WESTMERE

B.1.24 Intel AVX AES instructions

VAESENC          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VAESENCLAST      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VAESDEC          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VAESDECLAST      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VAESIMC          xmmreg,xmmrm128          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 

B.1.25 Intel AVX instructions

VADDPD           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VADDPD           ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VADDPS           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VADDPS           ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VADDSD           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VADDSS           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm32   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VADDSUBPD        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VADDSUBPD        ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VADDSUBPS        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VADDSUBPS        ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VANDPD           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VANDPD           ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VANDPS           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VANDPS           ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VANDNPD          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VANDNPD          ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VANDNPS          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VANDNPS          ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VBLENDPD         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,imm8 AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VBLENDPD         ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256,imm8 AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VBLENDPS         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,imm8 AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VBLENDPS         ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256,imm8 AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VBLENDVPD        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,xmmreg AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VBLENDVPD        ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256,ymmreg AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VBLENDVPS        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,xmmreg AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VBLENDVPS        ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256,ymmreg AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VBROADCASTSS     xmmreg,mem32             AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VBROADCASTSS     ymmreg,mem32             AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VBROADCASTSD     ymmreg,mem64             AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VBROADCASTF128   ymmreg,mem128            AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPEQ_OSPD      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPEQ_OSPD      ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPEQPD         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPEQPD         ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPLT_OSPD      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPLT_OSPD      ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPLTPD         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPLTPD         ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPLE_OSPD      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPLE_OSPD      ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPLEPD         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPLEPD         ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPUNORD_QPD    xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPUNORD_QPD    ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPUNORDPD      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPUNORDPD      ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNEQ_UQPD     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNEQ_UQPD     ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNEQPD        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNEQPD        ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNLT_USPD     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNLT_USPD     ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNLTPD        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNLTPD        ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNLE_USPD     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNLE_USPD     ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNLEPD        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNLEPD        ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPORD_QPD      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPORD_QPD      ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPORDPD        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPORDPD        ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPEQ_UQPD      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPEQ_UQPD      ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNGE_USPD     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNGE_USPD     ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNGEPD        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNGEPD        ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNGT_USPD     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNGT_USPD     ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNGTPD        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNGTPD        ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPFALSE_OQPD   xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPFALSE_OQPD   ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPFALSEPD      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPFALSEPD      ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNEQ_OQPD     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNEQ_OQPD     ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPGE_OSPD      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPGE_OSPD      ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPGEPD         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPGEPD         ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPGT_OSPD      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPGT_OSPD      ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPGTPD         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPGTPD         ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPTRUE_UQPD    xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPTRUE_UQPD    ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPTRUEPD       xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPTRUEPD       ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPEQ_OSPD      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPEQ_OSPD      ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPLT_OQPD      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPLT_OQPD      ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPLE_OQPD      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPLE_OQPD      ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPUNORD_SPD    xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPUNORD_SPD    ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNEQ_USPD     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNEQ_USPD     ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNLT_UQPD     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNLT_UQPD     ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNLE_UQPD     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNLE_UQPD     ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPORD_SPD      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPORD_SPD      ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPEQ_USPD      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPEQ_USPD      ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNGE_UQPD     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNGE_UQPD     ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNGT_UQPD     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNGT_UQPD     ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPFALSE_OSPD   xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPFALSE_OSPD   ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNEQ_OSPD     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNEQ_OSPD     ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPGE_OQPD      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPGE_OQPD      ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPGT_OQPD      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPGT_OQPD      ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPTRUE_USPD    xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPTRUE_USPD    ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPPD           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,imm8 AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPPD           ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256,imm8 AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPEQ_OSPS      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPEQ_OSPS      ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPEQPS         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPEQPS         ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPLT_OSPS      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPLT_OSPS      ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPLTPS         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPLTPS         ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPLE_OSPS      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPLE_OSPS      ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPLEPS         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPLEPS         ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPUNORD_QPS    xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPUNORD_QPS    ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPUNORDPS      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPUNORDPS      ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNEQ_UQPS     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNEQ_UQPS     ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNEQPS        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNEQPS        ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNLT_USPS     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNLT_USPS     ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNLTPS        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNLTPS        ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNLE_USPS     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNLE_USPS     ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNLEPS        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNLEPS        ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPORD_QPS      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPORD_QPS      ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPORDPS        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPORDPS        ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPEQ_UQPS      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPEQ_UQPS      ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNGE_USPS     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNGE_USPS     ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNGEPS        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNGEPS        ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNGT_USPS     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNGT_USPS     ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNGTPS        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNGTPS        ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPFALSE_OQPS   xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPFALSE_OQPS   ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPFALSEPS      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPFALSEPS      ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNEQ_OQPS     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNEQ_OQPS     ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPGE_OSPS      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPGE_OSPS      ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPGEPS         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPGEPS         ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPGT_OSPS      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPGT_OSPS      ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPGTPS         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPGTPS         ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPTRUE_UQPS    xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPTRUE_UQPS    ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPTRUEPS       xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPTRUEPS       ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPEQ_OSPS      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPEQ_OSPS      ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPLT_OQPS      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPLT_OQPS      ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPLE_OQPS      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPLE_OQPS      ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPUNORD_SPS    xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPUNORD_SPS    ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNEQ_USPS     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNEQ_USPS     ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNLT_UQPS     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNLT_UQPS     ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNLE_UQPS     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNLE_UQPS     ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPORD_SPS      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPORD_SPS      ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPEQ_USPS      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPEQ_USPS      ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNGE_UQPS     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNGE_UQPS     ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNGT_UQPS     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNGT_UQPS     ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPFALSE_OSPS   xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPFALSE_OSPS   ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNEQ_OSPS     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNEQ_OSPS     ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPGE_OQPS      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPGE_OQPS      ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPGT_OQPS      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPGT_OQPS      ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPTRUE_USPS    xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPTRUE_USPS    ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPPS           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,imm8 AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPPS           ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256,imm8 AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPEQ_OSSD      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPEQSD         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPLT_OSSD      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPLTSD         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPLE_OSSD      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPLESD         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPUNORD_QSD    xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPUNORDSD      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNEQ_UQSD     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNEQSD        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNLT_USSD     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNLTSD        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNLE_USSD     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNLESD        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPORD_QSD      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPORDSD        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPEQ_UQSD      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNGE_USSD     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNGESD        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNGT_USSD     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNGTSD        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPFALSE_OQSD   xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPFALSESD      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNEQ_OQSD     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPGE_OSSD      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPGESD         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPGT_OSSD      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPGTSD         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPTRUE_UQSD    xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPTRUESD       xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPEQ_OSSD      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPLT_OQSD      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPLE_OQSD      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPUNORD_SSD    xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNEQ_USSD     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNLT_UQSD     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNLE_UQSD     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPORD_SSD      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPEQ_USSD      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNGE_UQSD     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNGT_UQSD     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPFALSE_OSSD   xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNEQ_OSSD     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPGE_OQSD      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPGT_OQSD      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPTRUE_USSD    xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPSD           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64,imm8 AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPEQ_OSSS      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPEQSS         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPLT_OSSS      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPLTSS         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPLE_OSSS      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPLESS         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPUNORD_QSS    xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPUNORDSS      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNEQ_UQSS     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNEQSS        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNLT_USSS     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNLTSS        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNLE_USSS     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNLESS        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPORD_QSS      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPORDSS        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPEQ_UQSS      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNGE_USSS     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNGESS        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNGT_USSS     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNGTSS        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPFALSE_OQSS   xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPFALSESS      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNEQ_OQSS     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPGE_OSSS      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPGESS         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPGT_OSSS      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPGTSS         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPTRUE_UQSS    xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPTRUESS       xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPEQ_OSSS      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPLT_OQSS      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPLE_OQSS      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPUNORD_SSS    xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNEQ_USSS     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNLT_UQSS     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNLE_UQSS     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPORD_SSS      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPEQ_USSS      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNGE_UQSS     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNGT_UQSS     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPFALSE_OSSS   xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPNEQ_OSSS     xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPGE_OQSS      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPGT_OQSS      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPTRUE_USSS    xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCMPSS           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64,imm8 AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCOMISD          xmmreg,xmmrm64           AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCOMISS          xmmreg,xmmrm32           AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCVTDQ2PD        xmmreg,xmmrm64           AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCVTDQ2PD        ymmreg,xmmrm128          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCVTDQ2PS        xmmreg,xmmrm128          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCVTDQ2PS        ymmreg,ymmrm256          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCVTPD2DQ        xmmreg,xmmreg            AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCVTPD2DQ        xmmreg,mem128            AVX,SANDYBRIDGE,SO 
VCVTPD2DQ        xmmreg,ymmreg            AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCVTPD2DQ        xmmreg,mem256            AVX,SANDYBRIDGE,SY 
VCVTPD2PS        xmmreg,xmmreg            AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCVTPD2PS        xmmreg,mem128            AVX,SANDYBRIDGE,SO 
VCVTPD2PS        xmmreg,ymmreg            AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCVTPD2PS        xmmreg,mem256            AVX,SANDYBRIDGE,SY 
VCVTPS2DQ        xmmreg,xmmrm128          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCVTPS2DQ        ymmreg,ymmrm256          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCVTPS2PD        xmmreg,xmmrm64           AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCVTPS2PD        ymmreg,xmmrm128          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCVTSD2SI        reg32,xmmrm64            AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCVTSD2SI        reg64,xmmrm64            AVX,SANDYBRIDGE,LONG 
VCVTSD2SS        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCVTSI2SD        xmmreg,xmmreg*,rm32      AVX,SANDYBRIDGE,SD 
VCVTSI2SD        xmmreg,xmmreg*,mem32     AVX,SANDYBRIDGE,ND,SD 
VCVTSI2SD        xmmreg,xmmreg*,rm64      AVX,SANDYBRIDGE,LONG 
VCVTSI2SS        xmmreg,xmmreg*,rm32      AVX,SANDYBRIDGE,SD 
VCVTSI2SS        xmmreg,xmmreg*,mem32     AVX,SANDYBRIDGE,ND,SD 
VCVTSI2SS        xmmreg,xmmreg*,rm64      AVX,SANDYBRIDGE,LONG 
VCVTSS2SD        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm32   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCVTSS2SI        reg32,xmmrm32            AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCVTSS2SI        reg64,xmmrm32            AVX,SANDYBRIDGE,LONG 
VCVTTPD2DQ       xmmreg,xmmreg            AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCVTTPD2DQ       xmmreg,mem128            AVX,SANDYBRIDGE,SO 
VCVTTPD2DQ       xmmreg,ymmreg            AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCVTTPD2DQ       xmmreg,mem256            AVX,SANDYBRIDGE,SY 
VCVTTPS2DQ       xmmreg,xmmrm128          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCVTTPS2DQ       ymmreg,ymmrm256          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCVTTSD2SI       reg32,xmmrm64            AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCVTTSD2SI       reg64,xmmrm64            AVX,SANDYBRIDGE,LONG 
VCVTTSS2SI       reg32,xmmrm32            AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VCVTTSS2SI       reg64,xmmrm32            AVX,SANDYBRIDGE,LONG 
VDIVPD           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VDIVPD           ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VDIVPS           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VDIVPS           ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VDIVSD           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VDIVSS           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm32   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VDPPD            xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,imm8 AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VDPPS            xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,imm8 AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VDPPS            ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256,imm8 AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VEXTRACTF128     xmmrm128,xmmreg,imm8     AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VEXTRACTPS       rm32,xmmreg,imm8         AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VHADDPD          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VHADDPD          ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VHADDPS          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VHADDPS          ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VHSUBPD          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VHSUBPD          ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VHSUBPS          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VHSUBPS          ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VINSERTF128      ymmreg,ymmreg,xmmrm128,imm8 AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VINSERTPS        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm32,imm8 AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VLDDQU           xmmreg,mem128            AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VLDQQU           ymmreg,mem256            AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VLDMXCSR         mem32                    AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMASKMOVDQU      xmmreg,xmmreg            AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMASKMOVPS       xmmreg,xmmreg,mem128     AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMASKMOVPS       ymmreg,ymmreg,mem256     AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMASKMOVPS       mem128,xmmreg,xmmreg     AVX,SANDYBRIDGE,SO 
VMASKMOVPS       mem256,xmmreg,xmmreg     AVX,SANDYBRIDGE,SY 
VMASKMOVPD       xmmreg,xmmreg,mem128     AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMASKMOVPD       ymmreg,ymmreg,mem256     AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMASKMOVPD       mem128,xmmreg,xmmreg     AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMASKMOVPD       mem256,ymmreg,ymmreg     AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMAXPD           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMAXPD           ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMAXPS           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMAXPS           ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMAXSD           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMAXSS           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm32   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMINPD           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMINPD           ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMINPS           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMINPS           ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMINSD           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMINSS           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm32   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVAPD          xmmreg,xmmrm128          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVAPD          xmmrm128,xmmreg          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVAPD          ymmreg,ymmrm256          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVAPD          ymmrm256,ymmreg          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVAPS          xmmreg,xmmrm128          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVAPS          xmmrm128,xmmreg          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVAPS          ymmreg,ymmrm256          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVAPS          ymmrm256,ymmreg          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVD            xmmreg,rm32              AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVD            rm32,xmmreg              AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVQ            xmmreg,xmmrm64           AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVQ            xmmrm64,xmmreg           AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVQ            xmmreg,rm64              AVX,SANDYBRIDGE,LONG 
VMOVQ            rm64,xmmreg              AVX,SANDYBRIDGE,LONG 
VMOVDDUP         xmmreg,xmmrm64           AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVDDUP         ymmreg,ymmrm256          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVDQA          xmmreg,xmmrm128          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVDQA          xmmrm128,xmmreg          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVQQA          ymmreg,ymmrm256          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVQQA          ymmrm256,ymmreg          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVDQA          ymmreg,ymmrm             AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVDQA          ymmrm256,ymmreg          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVDQU          xmmreg,xmmrm128          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVDQU          xmmrm128,xmmreg          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVQQU          ymmreg,ymmrm256          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVQQU          ymmrm256,ymmreg          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVDQU          ymmreg,ymmrm256          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVDQU          ymmrm256,ymmreg          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVHLPS         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmreg    AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVHPD          xmmreg,xmmreg*,mem64     AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVHPD          mem64,xmmreg             AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVHPS          xmmreg,xmmreg*,mem64     AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVHPS          mem64,xmmreg             AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVLHPS         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmreg    AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVLPD          xmmreg,xmmreg*,mem64     AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVLPD          mem64,xmmreg             AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVLPS          xmmreg,xmmreg*,mem64     AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVLPS          mem64,xmmreg             AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVMSKPD        reg64,xmmreg             AVX,SANDYBRIDGE,LONG 
VMOVMSKPD        reg32,xmmreg             AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVMSKPD        reg64,ymmreg             AVX,SANDYBRIDGE,LONG 
VMOVMSKPD        reg32,ymmreg             AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVMSKPS        reg64,xmmreg             AVX,SANDYBRIDGE,LONG 
VMOVMSKPS        reg32,xmmreg             AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVMSKPS        reg64,ymmreg             AVX,SANDYBRIDGE,LONG 
VMOVMSKPS        reg32,ymmreg             AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVNTDQ         mem128,xmmreg            AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVNTQQ         mem256,ymmreg            AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVNTDQ         mem256,ymmreg            AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVNTDQA        xmmreg,mem128            AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVNTPD         mem128,xmmreg            AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVNTPD         mem256,ymmreg            AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVNTPS         mem128,xmmreg            AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVNTPS         mem128,ymmreg            AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVSD           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmreg    AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVSD           xmmreg,mem64             AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVSD           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmreg    AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVSD           mem64,xmmreg             AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVSHDUP        xmmreg,xmmrm128          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVSHDUP        ymmreg,ymmrm256          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVSLDUP        xmmreg,xmmrm128          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVSLDUP        ymmreg,ymmrm256          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVSS           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmreg    AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVSS           xmmreg,mem64             AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVSS           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmreg    AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVSS           mem64,xmmreg             AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVUPD          xmmreg,xmmrm128          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVUPD          xmmrm128,xmmreg          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVUPD          ymmreg,ymmrm256          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVUPD          ymmrm256,ymmreg          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVUPS          xmmreg,xmmrm128          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVUPS          xmmrm128,xmmreg          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVUPS          ymmreg,ymmrm256          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMOVUPS          ymmrm256,ymmreg          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMPSADBW         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,imm8 AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMULPD           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMULPD           ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMULPS           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMULPS           ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMULSD           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VMULSS           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm32   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VORPD            xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VORPD            ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VORPS            xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VORPS            ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPABSB           xmmreg,xmmrm128          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPABSW           xmmreg,xmmrm128          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPABSD           xmmreg,xmmrm128          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPACKSSWB        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPACKSSDW        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPACKUSWB        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPACKUSDW        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPADDB           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPADDW           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPADDD           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPADDQ           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPADDSB          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPADDSW          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPADDUSB         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPADDUSW         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPALIGNR         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,imm8 AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPAND            xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPANDN           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPAVGB           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPAVGW           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPBLENDVB        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,xmmreg AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPBLENDW         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,imm8 AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPCMPESTRI       xmmreg,xmmrm128,imm8     AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPCMPESTRM       xmmreg,xmmrm128,imm8     AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPCMPISTRI       xmmreg,xmmrm128,imm8     AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPCMPISTRM       xmmreg,xmmrm128,imm8     AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPCMPEQB         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPCMPEQW         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPCMPEQD         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPCMPEQQ         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPCMPGTB         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPCMPGTW         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPCMPGTD         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPCMPGTQ         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPERMILPD        xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPERMILPD        ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPERMILPD        xmmreg,xmmrm128,imm8     AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPERMILPD        ymmreg,ymmrm256,imm8     AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPERMILPS        xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPERMILPS        ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPERMILPS        xmmreg,xmmrm128,imm8     AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPERMILPS        ymmreg,ymmrm256,imm8     AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPERM2F128       ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256,imm8 AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPEXTRB          reg64,xmmreg,imm8        AVX,SANDYBRIDGE,LONG 
VPEXTRB          reg32,xmmreg,imm8        AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPEXTRB          mem8,xmmreg,imm8         AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPEXTRW          reg64,xmmreg,imm8        AVX,SANDYBRIDGE,LONG 
VPEXTRW          reg32,xmmreg,imm8        AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPEXTRW          mem16,xmmreg,imm8        AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPEXTRW          reg64,xmmreg,imm8        AVX,SANDYBRIDGE,LONG 
VPEXTRW          reg32,xmmreg,imm8        AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPEXTRW          mem16,xmmreg,imm8        AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPEXTRD          reg64,xmmreg,imm8        AVX,SANDYBRIDGE,LONG 
VPEXTRD          rm32,xmmreg,imm8         AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPEXTRQ          rm64,xmmreg,imm8         AVX,SANDYBRIDGE,LONG 
VPHADDW          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPHADDD          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPHADDSW         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPHMINPOSUW      xmmreg,xmmrm128          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPHSUBW          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPHSUBD          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPHSUBSW         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPINSRB          xmmreg,xmmreg*,mem8,imm8 AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPINSRB          xmmreg,xmmreg*,rm8,imm8  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPINSRB          xmmreg,xmmreg*,reg32,imm8 AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPINSRW          xmmreg,xmmreg*,mem16,imm8 AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPINSRW          xmmreg,xmmreg*,rm16,imm8 AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPINSRW          xmmreg,xmmreg*,reg32,imm8 AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPINSRD          xmmreg,xmmreg*,mem32,imm8 AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPINSRD          xmmreg,xmmreg*,rm32,imm8 AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPINSRQ          xmmreg,xmmreg*,mem64,imm8 AVX,SANDYBRIDGE,LONG 
VPINSRQ          xmmreg,xmmreg*,rm64,imm8 AVX,SANDYBRIDGE,LONG 
VPMADDWD         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPMADDUBSW       xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPMAXSB          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPMAXSW          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPMAXSD          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPMAXUB          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPMAXUW          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPMAXUD          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPMINSB          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPMINSW          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPMINSD          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPMINUB          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPMINUW          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPMINUD          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPMOVMSKB        reg64,xmmreg             AVX,SANDYBRIDGE,LONG 
VPMOVMSKB        reg32,xmmreg             AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPMOVSXBW        xmmreg,xmmrm64           AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPMOVSXBD        xmmreg,xmmrm32           AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPMOVSXBQ        xmmreg,xmmrm16           AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPMOVSXWD        xmmreg,xmmrm64           AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPMOVSXWQ        xmmreg,xmmrm32           AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPMOVSXDQ        xmmreg,xmmrm64           AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPMOVZXBW        xmmreg,xmmrm64           AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPMOVZXBD        xmmreg,xmmrm32           AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPMOVZXBQ        xmmreg,xmmrm16           AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPMOVZXWD        xmmreg,xmmrm64           AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPMOVZXWQ        xmmreg,xmmrm32           AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPMOVZXDQ        xmmreg,xmmrm64           AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPMULHUW         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPMULHRSW        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPMULHW          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPMULLW          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPMULLD          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPMULUDQ         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPMULDQ          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPOR             xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPSADBW          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPSHUFB          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPSHUFD          xmmreg,xmmrm128,imm8     AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPSHUFHW         xmmreg,xmmrm128,imm8     AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPSHUFLW         xmmreg,xmmrm128,imm8     AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPSIGNB          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPSIGNW          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPSIGND          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPSLLDQ          xmmreg,xmmreg*,imm8      AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPSRLDQ          xmmreg,xmmreg*,imm8      AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPSLLW           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPSLLW           xmmreg,xmmreg*,imm8      AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPSLLD           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPSLLD           xmmreg,xmmreg*,imm8      AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPSLLQ           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPSLLQ           xmmreg,xmmreg*,imm8      AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPSRAW           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPSRAW           xmmreg,xmmreg*,imm8      AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPSRAD           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPSRAD           xmmreg,xmmreg*,imm8      AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPSRLW           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPSRLW           xmmreg,xmmreg*,imm8      AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPSRLD           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPSRLD           xmmreg,xmmreg*,imm8      AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPSRLQ           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPSRLQ           xmmreg,xmmreg*,imm8      AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPTEST           xmmreg,xmmrm128          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPTEST           ymmreg,ymmrm256          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPSUBB           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPSUBW           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPSUBD           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPSUBQ           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPSUBSB          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPSUBSW          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPSUBUSB         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPSUBUSW         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPUNPCKHBW       xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPUNPCKHWD       xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPUNPCKHDQ       xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPUNPCKHQDQ      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPUNPCKLBW       xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPUNPCKLWD       xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPUNPCKLDQ       xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPUNPCKLQDQ      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPXOR            xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VRCPPS           xmmreg,xmmrm128          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VRCPPS           ymmreg,ymmrm256          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VRCPSS           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm32   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VRSQRTPS         xmmreg,xmmrm128          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VRSQRTPS         ymmreg,ymmrm256          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VRSQRTSS         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm32   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VROUNDPD         xmmreg,xmmrm128,imm8     AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VROUNDPD         ymmreg,ymmrm256,imm8     AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VROUNDPS         xmmreg,xmmrm128,imm8     AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VROUNDPS         ymmreg,ymmrm256,imm8     AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VROUNDSD         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64,imm8 AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VROUNDSS         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm32,imm8 AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VSHUFPD          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,imm8 AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VSHUFPD          ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256,imm8 AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VSHUFPS          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,imm8 AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VSHUFPS          ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256,imm8 AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VSQRTPD          xmmreg,xmmrm128          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VSQRTPD          ymmreg,ymmrm256          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VSQRTPS          xmmreg,xmmrm128          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VSQRTPS          ymmreg,ymmrm256          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VSQRTSD          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VSQRTSS          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm32   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VSTMXCSR         mem32                    AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VSUBPD           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VSUBPD           ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VSUBPS           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VSUBPS           ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VSUBSD           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VSUBSS           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm32   AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VTESTPS          xmmreg,xmmrm128          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VTESTPS          ymmreg,ymmrm256          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VTESTPD          xmmreg,xmmrm128          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VTESTPD          ymmreg,ymmrm256          AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VUCOMISD         xmmreg,xmmrm64           AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VUCOMISS         xmmreg,xmmrm32           AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VUNPCKHPD        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VUNPCKHPD        ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VUNPCKHPS        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VUNPCKHPS        ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VUNPCKLPD        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VUNPCKLPD        ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VUNPCKLPS        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VUNPCKLPS        ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VXORPD           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VXORPD           ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VXORPS           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VXORPS           ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VZEROALL                                  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VZEROUPPER                                AVX,SANDYBRIDGE

B.1.26 Intel Carry-Less Multiplication instructions (CLMUL)

PCLMULLQLQDQ     xmmreg,xmmrm128          SSE,WESTMERE 
PCLMULHQLQDQ     xmmreg,xmmrm128          SSE,WESTMERE 
PCLMULLQHQDQ     xmmreg,xmmrm128          SSE,WESTMERE 
PCLMULHQHQDQ     xmmreg,xmmrm128          SSE,WESTMERE 
PCLMULQDQ        xmmreg,xmmrm128,imm8     SSE,WESTMERE

B.1.27 Intel AVX Carry-Less Multiplication instructions (CLMUL)

VPCLMULLQLQDQ    xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPCLMULHQLQDQ    xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPCLMULLQHQDQ    xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPCLMULHQHQDQ    xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AVX,SANDYBRIDGE 
VPCLMULQDQ       xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,imm8 AVX,SANDYBRIDGE

B.1.28 Intel Fused Multiply-Add instructions (FMA)

VFMADD132PS      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADD132PS      ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADD132PD      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADD132PD      ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADD312PS      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADD312PS      ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADD312PD      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADD312PD      ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADD213PS      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADD213PS      ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADD213PD      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADD213PD      ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADD123PS      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADD123PS      ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADD123PD      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADD123PD      ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADD231PS      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADD231PS      ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADD231PD      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADD231PD      ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADD321PS      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADD321PS      ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADD321PD      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADD321PD      ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADDSUB132PS   xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADDSUB132PS   ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADDSUB132PD   xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADDSUB132PD   ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADDSUB312PS   xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADDSUB312PS   ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADDSUB312PD   xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADDSUB312PD   ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADDSUB213PS   xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADDSUB213PS   ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADDSUB213PD   xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADDSUB213PD   ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADDSUB123PS   xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADDSUB123PS   ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADDSUB123PD   xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADDSUB123PD   ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADDSUB231PS   xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADDSUB231PS   ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADDSUB231PD   xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADDSUB231PD   ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADDSUB321PS   xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADDSUB321PS   ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADDSUB321PD   xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADDSUB321PD   ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUB132PS      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUB132PS      ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUB132PD      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUB132PD      ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUB312PS      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUB312PS      ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUB312PD      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUB312PD      ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUB213PS      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUB213PS      ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUB213PD      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUB213PD      ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUB123PS      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUB123PS      ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUB123PD      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUB123PD      ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUB231PS      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUB231PS      ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUB231PD      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUB231PD      ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUB321PS      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUB321PS      ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUB321PD      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUB321PD      ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUBADD132PS   xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUBADD132PS   ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUBADD132PD   xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUBADD132PD   ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUBADD312PS   xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUBADD312PS   ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUBADD312PD   xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUBADD312PD   ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUBADD213PS   xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUBADD213PS   ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUBADD213PD   xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUBADD213PD   ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUBADD123PS   xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUBADD123PS   ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUBADD123PD   xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUBADD123PD   ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUBADD231PS   xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUBADD231PS   ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUBADD231PD   xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUBADD231PD   ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUBADD321PS   xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUBADD321PS   ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUBADD321PD   xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUBADD321PD   ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMADD132PS     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMADD132PS     ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMADD132PD     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMADD132PD     ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMADD312PS     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMADD312PS     ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMADD312PD     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMADD312PD     ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMADD213PS     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMADD213PS     ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMADD213PD     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMADD213PD     ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMADD123PS     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMADD123PS     ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMADD123PD     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMADD123PD     ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMADD231PS     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMADD231PS     ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMADD231PD     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMADD231PD     ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMADD321PS     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMADD321PS     ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMADD321PD     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMADD321PD     ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMSUB132PS     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMSUB132PS     ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMSUB132PD     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMSUB132PD     ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMSUB312PS     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMSUB312PS     ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMSUB312PD     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMSUB312PD     ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMSUB213PS     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMSUB213PS     ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMSUB213PD     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMSUB213PD     ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMSUB123PS     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMSUB123PS     ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMSUB123PD     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMSUB123PD     ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMSUB231PS     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMSUB231PS     ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMSUB231PD     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMSUB231PD     ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMSUB321PS     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMSUB321PS     ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMSUB321PD     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128   FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMSUB321PD     ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256   FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADD132SS      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm32    FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADD132SD      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm64    FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADD312SS      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm32    FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADD312SD      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm64    FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADD213SS      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm32    FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADD213SD      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm64    FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADD123SS      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm32    FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADD123SD      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm64    FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADD231SS      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm32    FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADD231SD      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm64    FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADD321SS      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm32    FMA,FUTURE 
VFMADD321SD      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm64    FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUB132SS      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm32    FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUB132SD      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm64    FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUB312SS      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm32    FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUB312SD      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm64    FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUB213SS      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm32    FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUB213SD      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm64    FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUB123SS      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm32    FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUB123SD      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm64    FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUB231SS      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm32    FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUB231SD      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm64    FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUB321SS      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm32    FMA,FUTURE 
VFMSUB321SD      xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm64    FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMADD132SS     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm32    FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMADD132SD     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm64    FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMADD312SS     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm32    FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMADD312SD     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm64    FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMADD213SS     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm32    FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMADD213SD     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm64    FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMADD123SS     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm32    FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMADD123SD     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm64    FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMADD231SS     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm32    FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMADD231SD     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm64    FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMADD321SS     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm32    FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMADD321SD     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm64    FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMSUB132SS     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm32    FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMSUB132SD     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm64    FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMSUB312SS     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm32    FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMSUB312SD     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm64    FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMSUB213SS     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm32    FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMSUB213SD     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm64    FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMSUB123SS     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm32    FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMSUB123SD     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm64    FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMSUB231SS     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm32    FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMSUB231SD     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm64    FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMSUB321SS     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm32    FMA,FUTURE 
VFNMSUB321SD     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm64    FMA,FUTURE

B.1.29 Intel post-32 nm processor instructions

RDFSBASE         reg32                    LONG,FUTURE 
RDFSBASE         reg64                    LONG,FUTURE 
RDGSBASE         reg32                    LONG,FUTURE 
RDGSBASE         reg64                    LONG,FUTURE 
RDRAND           reg16                    FUTURE 
RDRAND           reg32                    FUTURE 
RDRAND           reg64                    LONG,FUTURE 
WRFSBASE         reg32                    LONG,FUTURE 
WRFSBASE         reg64                    LONG,FUTURE 
WRGSBASE         reg32                    LONG,FUTURE 
WRGSBASE         reg64                    LONG,FUTURE 
VCVTPH2PS        ymmreg,xmmrm128          AVX,FUTURE 
VCVTPH2PS        xmmreg,xmmrm64           AVX,FUTURE 
VCVTPS2PH        xmmrm128,ymmreg,imm8     AVX,FUTURE 
VCVTPS2PH        xmmrm64,xmmreg,imm8      AVX,FUTURE

B.1.30 VIA (Centaur) security instructions

XSTORE                                    PENT,CYRIX 
XCRYPTECB                                 PENT,CYRIX 
XCRYPTCBC                                 PENT,CYRIX 
XCRYPTCTR                                 PENT,CYRIX 
XCRYPTCFB                                 PENT,CYRIX 
XCRYPTOFB                                 PENT,CYRIX 
MONTMUL                                   PENT,CYRIX 
XSHA1                                     PENT,CYRIX 
XSHA256                                   PENT,CYRIX

B.1.31 AMD Lightweight Profiling (LWP) instructions

LLWPCB           reg32                    AMD,386 
LLWPCB           reg64                    AMD,X64 
SLWPCB           reg32                    AMD,386 
SLWPCB           reg64                    AMD,X64 
LWPVAL           reg32,rm32,imm32         AMD,386 
LWPVAL           reg64,rm32,imm32         AMD,X64 
LWPINS           reg32,rm32,imm32         AMD,386 
LWPINS           reg64,rm32,imm32         AMD,X64

B.1.32 AMD XOP and FMA4 instructions (SSE5)

VFMADDPD         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,xmmreg AMD,SSE5 
VFMADDPD         ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256,ymmreg AMD,SSE5 
VFMADDPD         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmreg,xmmrm128 AMD,SSE5 
VFMADDPD         ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmreg,ymmrm256 AMD,SSE5 
VFMADDPS         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,xmmreg AMD,SSE5 
VFMADDPS         ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256,ymmreg AMD,SSE5 
VFMADDPS         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmreg,xmmrm128 AMD,SSE5 
VFMADDPS         ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmreg,ymmrm256 AMD,SSE5 
VFMADDSD         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64,xmmreg AMD,SSE5 
VFMADDSD         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmreg,xmmrm64 AMD,SSE5 
VFMADDSS         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm32,xmmreg AMD,SSE5 
VFMADDSS         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmreg,xmmrm32 AMD,SSE5 
VFMADDSUBPD      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,xmmreg AMD,SSE5 
VFMADDSUBPD      ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256,ymmreg AMD,SSE5 
VFMADDSUBPD      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmreg,xmmrm128 AMD,SSE5 
VFMADDSUBPD      ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmreg,ymmrm256 AMD,SSE5 
VFMADDSUBPS      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,xmmreg AMD,SSE5 
VFMADDSUBPS      ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256,ymmreg AMD,SSE5 
VFMADDSUBPS      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmreg,xmmrm128 AMD,SSE5 
VFMADDSUBPS      ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmreg,ymmrm256 AMD,SSE5 
VFMSUBADDPD      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,xmmreg AMD,SSE5 
VFMSUBADDPD      ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256,ymmreg AMD,SSE5 
VFMSUBADDPD      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmreg,xmmrm128 AMD,SSE5 
VFMSUBADDPD      ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmreg,ymmrm256 AMD,SSE5 
VFMSUBADDPS      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,xmmreg AMD,SSE5 
VFMSUBADDPS      ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256,ymmreg AMD,SSE5 
VFMSUBADDPS      xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmreg,xmmrm128 AMD,SSE5 
VFMSUBADDPS      ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmreg,ymmrm256 AMD,SSE5 
VFMSUBPD         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,xmmreg AMD,SSE5 
VFMSUBPD         ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256,ymmreg AMD,SSE5 
VFMSUBPD         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmreg,xmmrm128 AMD,SSE5 
VFMSUBPD         ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmreg,ymmrm256 AMD,SSE5 
VFMSUBPS         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,xmmreg AMD,SSE5 
VFMSUBPS         ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256,ymmreg AMD,SSE5 
VFMSUBPS         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmreg,xmmrm128 AMD,SSE5 
VFMSUBPS         ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmreg,ymmrm256 AMD,SSE5 
VFMSUBSD         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64,xmmreg AMD,SSE5 
VFMSUBSD         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmreg,xmmrm64 AMD,SSE5 
VFMSUBSS         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm32,xmmreg AMD,SSE5 
VFMSUBSS         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmreg,xmmrm32 AMD,SSE5 
VFNMADDPD        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,xmmreg AMD,SSE5 
VFNMADDPD        ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256,ymmreg AMD,SSE5 
VFNMADDPD        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmreg,xmmrm128 AMD,SSE5 
VFNMADDPD        ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmreg,ymmrm256 AMD,SSE5 
VFNMADDPS        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,xmmreg AMD,SSE5 
VFNMADDPS        ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256,ymmreg AMD,SSE5 
VFNMADDPS        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmreg,xmmrm128 AMD,SSE5 
VFNMADDPS        ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmreg,ymmrm256 AMD,SSE5 
VFNMADDSD        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64,xmmreg AMD,SSE5 
VFNMADDSD        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmreg,xmmrm64 AMD,SSE5 
VFNMADDSS        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm32,xmmreg AMD,SSE5 
VFNMADDSS        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmreg,xmmrm32 AMD,SSE5 
VFNMSUBPD        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,xmmreg AMD,SSE5 
VFNMSUBPD        ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256,ymmreg AMD,SSE5 
VFNMSUBPD        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmreg,xmmrm128 AMD,SSE5 
VFNMSUBPD        ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmreg,ymmrm256 AMD,SSE5 
VFNMSUBPS        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,xmmreg AMD,SSE5 
VFNMSUBPS        ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256,ymmreg AMD,SSE5 
VFNMSUBPS        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmreg,xmmrm128 AMD,SSE5 
VFNMSUBPS        ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmreg,ymmrm256 AMD,SSE5 
VFNMSUBSD        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm64,xmmreg AMD,SSE5 
VFNMSUBSD        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmreg,xmmrm64 AMD,SSE5 
VFNMSUBSS        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm32,xmmreg AMD,SSE5 
VFNMSUBSS        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmreg,xmmrm32 AMD,SSE5 
VFRCZPD          xmmreg,xmmrm128*         AMD,SSE5 
VFRCZPD          ymmreg,ymmrm256*         AMD,SSE5 
VFRCZPS          xmmreg,xmmrm128*         AMD,SSE5 
VFRCZPS          ymmreg,ymmrm256*         AMD,SSE5 
VFRCZSD          xmmreg,xmmrm64*          AMD,SSE5 
VFRCZSS          xmmreg,xmmrm32*          AMD,SSE5 
VPCMOV           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,xmmreg AMD,SSE5 
VPCMOV           ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmrm256,ymmreg AMD,SSE5 
VPCMOV           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmreg,xmmrm128 AMD,SSE5 
VPCMOV           ymmreg,ymmreg*,ymmreg,ymmrm256 AMD,SSE5 
VPCOMB           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,imm8 AMD,SSE5 
VPCOMD           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,imm8 AMD,SSE5 
VPCOMQ           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,imm8 AMD,SSE5 
VPCOMUB          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,imm8 AMD,SSE5 
VPCOMUD          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,imm8 AMD,SSE5 
VPCOMUQ          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,imm8 AMD,SSE5 
VPCOMUW          xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,imm8 AMD,SSE5 
VPCOMW           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,imm8 AMD,SSE5 
VPHADDBD         xmmreg,xmmrm128*         AMD,SSE5 
VPHADDBQ         xmmreg,xmmrm128*         AMD,SSE5 
VPHADDBW         xmmreg,xmmrm128*         AMD,SSE5 
VPHADDDQ         xmmreg,xmmrm128*         AMD,SSE5 
VPHADDUBD        xmmreg,xmmrm128*         AMD,SSE5 
VPHADDUBQ        xmmreg,xmmrm128*         AMD,SSE5 
VPHADDUBW        xmmreg,xmmrm128*         AMD,SSE5 
VPHADDUDQ        xmmreg,xmmrm128*         AMD,SSE5 
VPHADDUWD        xmmreg,xmmrm128*         AMD,SSE5 
VPHADDUWQ        xmmreg,xmmrm128*         AMD,SSE5 
VPHADDWD         xmmreg,xmmrm128*         AMD,SSE5 
VPHADDWQ         xmmreg,xmmrm128*         AMD,SSE5 
VPHSUBBW         xmmreg,xmmrm128*         AMD,SSE5 
VPHSUBDQ         xmmreg,xmmrm128*         AMD,SSE5 
VPHSUBWD         xmmreg,xmmrm128*         AMD,SSE5 
VPMACSDD         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,xmmreg AMD,SSE5 
VPMACSDQH        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,xmmreg AMD,SSE5 
VPMACSDQL        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,xmmreg AMD,SSE5 
VPMACSSDD        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,xmmreg AMD,SSE5 
VPMACSSDQH       xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,xmmreg AMD,SSE5 
VPMACSSDQL       xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,xmmreg AMD,SSE5 
VPMACSSWD        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,xmmreg AMD,SSE5 
VPMACSSWW        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,xmmreg AMD,SSE5 
VPMACSWD         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,xmmreg AMD,SSE5 
VPMACSWW         xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,xmmreg AMD,SSE5 
VPMADCSSWD       xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,xmmreg AMD,SSE5 
VPMADCSWD        xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,xmmreg AMD,SSE5 
VPPERM           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmreg,xmmrm128 AMD,SSE5 
VPPERM           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128,xmmreg AMD,SSE5 
VPROTB           xmmreg,xmmrm128*,xmmreg  AMD,SSE5 
VPROTB           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AMD,SSE5 
VPROTB           xmmreg,xmmrm128*,imm8    AMD,SSE5 
VPROTD           xmmreg,xmmrm128*,xmmreg  AMD,SSE5 
VPROTD           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AMD,SSE5 
VPROTD           xmmreg,xmmrm128*,imm8    AMD,SSE5 
VPROTQ           xmmreg,xmmrm128*,xmmreg  AMD,SSE5 
VPROTQ           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AMD,SSE5 
VPROTQ           xmmreg,xmmrm128*,imm8    AMD,SSE5 
VPROTW           xmmreg,xmmrm128*,xmmreg  AMD,SSE5 
VPROTW           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AMD,SSE5 
VPROTW           xmmreg,xmmrm128*,imm8    AMD,SSE5 
VPSHAB           xmmreg,xmmrm128*,xmmreg  AMD,SSE5 
VPSHAB           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AMD,SSE5 
VPSHAD           xmmreg,xmmrm128*,xmmreg  AMD,SSE5 
VPSHAD           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AMD,SSE5 
VPSHAQ           xmmreg,xmmrm128*,xmmreg  AMD,SSE5 
VPSHAQ           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AMD,SSE5 
VPSHAW           xmmreg,xmmrm128*,xmmreg  AMD,SSE5 
VPSHAW           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AMD,SSE5 
VPSHLB           xmmreg,xmmrm128*,xmmreg  AMD,SSE5 
VPSHLB           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AMD,SSE5 
VPSHLD           xmmreg,xmmrm128*,xmmreg  AMD,SSE5 
VPSHLD           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AMD,SSE5 
VPSHLQ           xmmreg,xmmrm128*,xmmreg  AMD,SSE5 
VPSHLQ           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AMD,SSE5 
VPSHLW           xmmreg,xmmrm128*,xmmreg  AMD,SSE5 
VPSHLW           xmmreg,xmmreg*,xmmrm128  AMD,SSE5

B.1.33 Systematic names for the hinting nop instructions

HINT_NOP0        rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP0        rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP0        rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP1        rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP1        rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP1        rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP2        rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP2        rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP2        rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP3        rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP3        rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP3        rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP4        rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP4        rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP4        rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP5        rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP5        rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP5        rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP6        rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP6        rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP6        rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP7        rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP7        rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP7        rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP8        rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP8        rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP8        rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP9        rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP9        rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP9        rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP10       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP10       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP10       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP11       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP11       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP11       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP12       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP12       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP12       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP13       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP13       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP13       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP14       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP14       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP14       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP15       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP15       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP15       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP16       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP16       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP16       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP17       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP17       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP17       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP18       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP18       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP18       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP19       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP19       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP19       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP20       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP20       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP20       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP21       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP21       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP21       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP22       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP22       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP22       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP23       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP23       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP23       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP24       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP24       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP24       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP25       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP25       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP25       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP26       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP26       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP26       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP27       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP27       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP27       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP28       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP28       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP28       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP29       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP29       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP29       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP30       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP30       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP30       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP31       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP31       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP31       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP32       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP32       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP32       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP33       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP33       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP33       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP34       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP34       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP34       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP35       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP35       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP35       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP36       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP36       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP36       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP37       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP37       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP37       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP38       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP38       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP38       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP39       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP39       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP39       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP40       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP40       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP40       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP41       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP41       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP41       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP42       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP42       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP42       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP43       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP43       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP43       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP44       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP44       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP44       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP45       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP45       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP45       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP46       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP46       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP46       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP47       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP47       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP47       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP48       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP48       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP48       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP49       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP49       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP49       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP50       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP50       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP50       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP51       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP51       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP51       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP52       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP52       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP52       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP53       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP53       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP53       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP54       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP54       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP54       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP55       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP55       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP55       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP56       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP56       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP56       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP57       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP57       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP57       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP58       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP58       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP58       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP59       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP59       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP59       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP60       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP60       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP60       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP61       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP61       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP61       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP62       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP62       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP62       rm64                     X64,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP63       rm16                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP63       rm32                     P6,UNDOC 
HINT_NOP63       rm64                     X64,UNDOC

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