NASM - The Netwide Assembler

version 2.16.01

Appendix E: Contact Information

E.1 Website

NASM has a website at

New releases, release candidates, and daily development snapshots of NASM are available from the official web site in source form as well as binaries for a number of common platforms.

E.1.1 User Forums

Users of NASM may find the Forums on the website useful. These are, however, not frequented much by the developers of NASM, so they are not suitable for reporting bugs.

E.1.2 Development Community

The development of NASM is coordinated primarily though the nasm-devel mailing list. If you wish to participate in development of NASM, please join this mailing list. Subscription links and archives of past posts are available on the website.

E.2 Reporting Bugs

To report bugs in NASM, please use the bug tracker at (click on "Bug Tracker"), or if that fails then through one of the contacts in section E.1.

Please read section 2.2 first, and don't report the bug if it's listed in there as a deliberate feature. (If you think the feature is badly thought out, feel free to send us reasons why you think it should be changed, but don't just send us mail saying `This is a bug' if the documentation says we did it on purpose.) Then read section 13.1, and don't bother reporting the bug if it's listed there.

If you do report a bug, please make sure your bug report includes the following information: